What: Be a tour guide in your own city

Expected pay: $20 + per hour (you set the rate)

Husl $core: $$$$$

Where: National and International


  • Be outgoing and organized and willing to tour strangers around your home town;
  • Have expertise in a specific topic that provides the basis of your tour
  • liability insurance is advisable

Review: Vayable provides web-based marketing for personal tours of various big cities, from Paris and Barcelona to Los Angeles and New York. The nature and price of the tour is determined by the tour guide who plans it. So, if you have a background in art, you might plan a tour taking visitors through local art museums. Foodies could create a gastronomic guide to their town; photographers, a photographic journey; the star-struck might do Walk of Fame tours; or crime tours; or architecture tours. The nature of the tour is up to you. You also price it and set the dates. Vayable simply provides the forum to advertise your tour on the web; the ability to book it with a credit card; and charges a reasonable 15% fee on each booking for the service.

You can find other opportunities in tourism at Tours By Locals and Viator. 

What their tour guides say:

There are no substantial tour guide reviews online, which for an active and long-running site is generally a good sign. People tend to complain more than tout. If you have experience working as a Vayable tour guide, please hit “contact us” and tell us about the experience. In the meantime, “The Work at Home Wife” did an interview with a side hustler named David, who shared his experience with the site. 


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