What: Deliver food

Expected pay: $5 to $15 per hour

Husl $core: $$

Where: Birmingham, Hoover, Mobile, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas; Pensacola, Florida; Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana; Gulf Port, Mississippi; Beaumont, Houston, Longview, Tyler and Waco, Texas


  • Valid driver’s license
  • reliable car
  • clean driving record
  • valid insurance
  • smartphone.


The glowing driver review at the bottom of this page says: “And if you work full-time, oh, let me tell you about the money. I make about $430 a week!” That, by the way, works out to about $10.75 per hour. However, you are using your own car and gas, so, if you burn a gallon of gas each hour (which seems conservative), your average wage drops into the $7-per-hour category. And, you’re putting a bunch of wear and tear on your car, which has a long-term cost, too. The fact is, few food delivery jobs make economic sense once you factor in your costs. This is no exception. 

You can find better opportunities with Amazon Flex (deliver packages), Wingz (drive people to the airport) and Ride Zum (drive kids to soccer/school). 

What their drivers say: 

“For the first few months, Waitr is paying $10/hour. After that, it goes down to $5/hour plus tips. It’s supposed to get busier but I can’t imagine it getting busy enough to take enough deliveries per shift to make enough in tips to pay my bills. It’s okay for now but it will be too unreliable to budget. In my experience, managers and dispatchers have been good. They have answered all my questions, though not necessarily as quickly as I would have liked. This might be a good side gig or a part-time deal for college students but I don’t see it as a profitable main job.”

“Great place to work since you can make your own schedule ! Money is good as long as you make good tips! Relaxed atmosphere to work in but when it gets busy it is rolling witch is good bc as long as you have food in the car and you are moving you are making money!”

“I’m not sure what others are saying when they say that Waitr is a bad place to work. I absolutely LOVE my job at Waitr. The people that have said bad things about Waitr obviously have not a very great work ethic. But!!! If you care about the jobs that you do and you love to impress your boss, Waitr is the place for you. The DASH managers DO NOT talk down to you. They uplift the drivers all the time and tell us that we’re doing great. Trust me, I work in the busiest markets in Waitr, and if you’re into fast paced work and love driving and meeting new people, come on over to Waitr. I promise you will love it. We now get discounts on our oil changes and maintenance (like the boss promised). And if you work full time, oh let me tell you about that money lol. I make, on average, about $430 a WEEK!!! And I make my own schedule. So do NOT listen to what others have said about Waitr. Listen to someone who cares about their job. Listen to someone who loves his company and is proud to be a Waitr driver.”

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