What: Rent your Cape Cod home

Commissions & Fees: $319 annual listing fee

Husl $core: $$$$

Where: Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket

Review: While we generally favor sites that will allow you to list your rental without an upfront fee, We Need a Vacation offers some benefits that might be worth the upfront cost, including a professional photographer, who will take 14 photos of your rental, as well as personalized support. Both of these services are likely to be useful to a homeowner looking to rent out their residence or vacation property for the first time. Additionally, We Need a Vacation doesn’t charge a booking fee to renters, which they maintain is likely to make your home more attractive to vacationers (and that may well be true, given that percentage-based fees on high-end rentals can be substantial). The site also offers a booking guarantee that provides that, if your home doesn’t rent during its first listing period, the site will extend your membership for free. Memberships are $319 per year, and can be had for shorter periods (though at a slightly higher relative price). 

What their homeowners say: (from Yelp)

“My  gf and I  own a  house on the cape  in Eastham,  and  the first year  we used  a rental  company, since we live in NJ, they charged us  17 percent  of every rental.  and all they did  was  hand out keys,  book  reservations,   and  have an answering  service report  problems  that I had to fix. It was crazy.  So  thankfully  I found we need a vacation  and we have been with them for 4 years.  They charge  a  one  time  reasonable   fee  to  post your house  plus  14 pictures. They are extremely helpful if  you need assistance  and  are very friendly.  They  post a blog with helpful hints,  and a homeowner  provider  list  ,  and  they do  homeowners forums  that you can go to live, or this year, they streamed the event.   They provide  a sign for your yard  so people  driving  past  can get the info,   and most importantly  they just  give you a rental inquiry, so after i get one  i am in charge of communicating with the prospective  tenant, answer any questions they have and i feel like i have at least a relationship with the person that is renting my house, instead of other sites  that just  take the booking without me  having  any control.  They  know the cape area  very well,  I can’t recommend  them highly enough.”

“We’ve been listing our West Tisbury home on We Need A Vacation for over 10yrs and love it.  The staff is always helpful and responsive – and I’m very techno-challenged. We are listed on several other sites but most of our renters come through this site…and it seems that we get fewer “tire kickers” from We Need than VRBO or Home Away.  Great job…love working with you.Kathy W”

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