Handy with tools? If you can do any type of construction work, from painting to putting together IKEA furniture, you can find plenty of jobs. Know, however, that some of the better-known choices, such as Thumbtack, Porch, and HomeAdvisor, stink. That’s because they charge contractors handsomely for “qualified leads” that often turn out to be disconnected phone numbers and confused and disgruntled non-customers. (You can click on any of the names above to find our full review of each of these sites.)

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Two best sites for construction work? 


ToolBelt connects contractors and tradesmen with individuals and other contractors who need help. The site has both a free plan and a pro plan. The free plan plan provides unlimited access to open jobs. However, if you’re looking for subcontractors and laborers, you’ll need to buy the pro-plan, which costs $400 a month. The pro plan is geared toward large construction firms that presumably can well afford the cost. More about ToolBelt here.


Once criticized for strong-arming freelancers into taking rotten jobs, TaskRabbit has reformed and now is among the most freelancer-friendly sites in the country. Anyone wanting to list in the handyman/construction category can break down their offered services and create separate prices for each service. Want to assemble furniture for $20 and hour; paint for $30 an hour; tape and mud drywall for $70 an hour? You say what you do, what you charge and when you’re available. You get 100% of the rate you set.  All of the site’s fees, outside of a one-time $25 registration fee, are paid by customers not workers. Find out more about TaskRabbit here.

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