What: Zibbet is a site where you can sell handmade, vintage, craft or fine art, paying a monthly service fee based on how many items you list

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: Vary by the number of listings. Cost is 0 to list up to 10 items; $4-$16 per month for more.

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Items to sell and a PayPal account


Zibbet is a site where you can sell handmade, vintage, craft or fine art, paying a monthly service fee based on how many items you list. The fee ranges from $4 to $20, depending on how many items you want to list on the site and what additional services you want to access.

If you’re a big seller, this fee structure could potentially save you a lot of money. But here’s the rub: Zibbet doesn’t appear to have reached the critical mass of customers that would produce sufficient sales to make paying monthly fees worthwhile. If it ever does build up its buyer base, it could prove a cheaper alternative to Etsy (which appears to be the site’s goal).

As of now, however, it may only make sense to set up the site’s free account, which allows you to list just 10 items at a time. Also, FYI, you will need to accept PayPal to list on Zibbet and PayPal does charge transaction fees of 2.9% plus 30 cents. 

Etsy is still the leading site for art and craft sales. However, you may also want to check out the print-on-demand sites in this category, such as Society6 and RedBubble, if your specialty is drawing or painting, rather than crafts. 

What their users say: (From SiteJabber)

“I paid for a premium Zibbet account so I could sell my products on their website. After disappointing results I decided to cancel my annual subscription in 2013. They’re still (Sept. 2017) charging my paypal account! How many times do I have to tell them?!? If you’re thinking about using Zibbet I would think twice!”

“We had a Zibbet shop for 3 months – no sales. We sell a lot on Etsy! Our advice: Don’t use sites that charge you monthly fee. Once they got your money they don’t do enough for you.”

“I opened a shop on Zibbet about 2 1/2 years ago. My Zibbet shop was opened within a month of my Etsy shop. So both opened about the same time. It was promised by several Zibbet emails, messages, forums,  that it would exceed Etsy’s ‘status’ and would become the new and improved Etsy with an increase in sales vs Etsy. Here I am, almost 3 years later…Zibbet sales, 3, Etsy sales around 300!”

“I had to dump my ‘elite’ year membership fees for Zibbet when they unexpectedly charged us for another year we did not want to pay for.  We even sent a letter stating we no longer wanted the premium acct. That took a while to sort out and get our money back. So my shop is still up, just not under the premium membership, (which made no difference at all). I’m still making sales on Etsy. I haven’t checked my Zibbet page in SEVERAL months until recently, I STILL find no sales, a whole new ‘navigation system that I can’t figure out, and a sale for one of my custom made products that I actually made just to find out that the person never paid. 

“ZIBBET is a host. Nothing more. Drive your own traffic, make your own success. Stop blaming the site because you don’t do the legwork. AND GUESS WHAT? ZIBBET HAS A FREE GUEST CHECKOUT. Your customers do not have to even sign up for an account there to buy from you. Do you know why Etsy still doesn’t have a guest checkout after all these years? Because they only want YOUR CUSTOMERS. They don’t care about you.”

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