What: Zimride provides a matchmaking service for carpoolers, allowing them to share the cost of commuting to school and work

Expected pay: nominal

Husl$core: $$$

Where: Mostly through colleges and universities, though it may be available at your workplace. Check with your human resources department


  • a car with spare passenger space;
  • a valid drivers license
  • auto insurance (don’t drive others without it, even if they let you);
  • a company/school/community that’s part of a Zimride network


This is essentially a way to pick up coworkers and have them share the cost of your normal commute. The service is typically offered through universities and big companies. (If you want to start a Zimride network, you can also contact them to sign up.) Since you decide who to drive and how much to charge, it’s hard to find a good argument not to participate — except for those age-old arguments against carpooling that have to do with your personal flexibility. Flexibility, of course, is good. But if you have pretty set hours and don’t mind sharing the ride, this can help defray your gas and parking costs. Not a bad deal for you, and good for the environment too. 

If, however, your goal is to drive for pay, consider Lyft, Ride Zum, Wingz and Uber. If you have a truck and are willing to drive it around to help people move, check out Truxx, Hitch It, and GoShare, which all offer relatively high hourly pay. 

What their users say:

The app changed completely in 2015, when it stopped accepting general ride-sharing applications and moved exclusively into the closed communities of companies and universities.  Thus, it’s tough to find a review that pertains to how the app operates now. If you have recent experience with using this app, please hit contact us and tell us about it. 

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