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SideHusl uses Google Analytics, which anonymously tracks stats, such as unique visitors and page visits.


We voluntarily collect emails via our subscribe forms to keep you up to date with our content.


Information volunteered over submission forms is kept secure and only used to support our users.


All data transferred on this site is malware free and meets the highest recommended security standards.


If you click on the links in our posts and reviews, it’s possible that will earn a commission or referral fee through a so-called “affiliate” relationship. What are affiliates? Advertisers.

However, actually checks out our affiliates to ensure that they add value for our readers. With a handful of affiliates, we believe they are good for some readers / freelancers, but not good for others. We attempt in every review to make it clear who benefits by associating with each reviewed company and why. 

Affiliate relationships should not be mysterious. We want to make them as clear as possible.

We also want to be clear that our reviews are never altered because of an affiliate. When an affiliate suggests that we change a review in order to maintain their advertising, we drop the advertising. We don’t change the review. If we think an a proposed affiliate adds no value for our readers, we decline the relationship. is in the business of serving our readers. We will make money, if we can. But it will never be at your expense.

For any questions regarding our policies, contact us at [email protected]