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  • Hustles for anyone

    Hustles for anyone

    In an era when everyone seems to be looking for a way to earn a little extra dough, it’s nice to know that there are hustles for anyone.

  • Make money with land

    Make money with land

    Got land — perhaps a lot where you plan to build a retirement or vacation home? Or, maybe, just a big backyard? Here’s how to make money with it.

  • Hipcamp


    Hipcamp is a marketplace for travelers to find unique campsites and lodgings offered by independent property owners. Expected pay: You set it Husl$core: $$$$$

  • Quit work and travel: A how-to guide

    Quit work and travel: A how-to guide

    Want to quit work and travel for years at a time? It is possible. Just ask Marco Ilagan and Francina Cassaniti. This is how they do it.

  • Trymata


    Trymata enlists freelancers to do 20- and 30-minute user experience tests, but uses glitchy software and offers minuscule payments. Expected pay: $5 – $30 per test Husl$core:$

  • Website testing jobs

    Website testing jobs

    Looking for a side hustle that pays well, but doesn’t require any special skills? Consider website testing jobs.

  • PingPong


    PingPong pays freelancers to provide user experience tests of websites, apps and prototypes for pay ranging from $30 + per hour. Expected pay: usually $30 per hour HuslScore: $$$$

  • TestingTime


    TestingTime enlists freelancers for website user testing, focus groups and other market research Expected pay: $5 to $90 per test Husl$core: $$

  • UserPeek


    UserPeek enlists freelancers to test websites for user experience and accessibility for $10 per 15- to 20-minute test. Expected Pay: $10 per 15- to 20-minute test Husl$core: $$$

  • Userfeel


    Userfeel enlists freelancers to provide user experience testing for websites and apps Expected pay: roughly $30 per hour Husl$core: $$$$