Consulting work delivers excellent hourly wages, but is sporadic by nature. Freelancers, who want to find regular work, are well-advised to sign up with multiple consulting platforms. Here are four good options.

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Catalant is designed to be the flexible alternative to a boutique consulting firm. Doing only high-end consulting work, the site seeks experts who might otherwise work for firms like McKinsey. You set your own rates and explain, in detail, what you’re good at. The site then uses AI technology to match you with Fortune 500 clients, who need that skill. The site also encourages consultants to offer packages, that spell out what you’d do to complete a specific project — such as naming a new product and marketing it for sale. You can earn great hourly income here. But don’t bother to apply unless you have significant experience.

You can learn more about Catalant by reading our full review here.


Maven links clients who need consulting services with independent experts who can provide consulting work. Consultants are encouraged to sign up and create a profile, listing details about their background and experience. You also set your own rates. Maven suggests you set rates at two-to four-times your normal hourly rate. Clients pay your rate; or you may be asked to do micro-consulting tasks at a set rate. Most consultants are accepted here. But, your ability to find work will depend on what you do.

Learn more about Maven here.

Sign up for Maven here.


Zintro plays matchmaker between consultants and companies with relevant needs. Consultants list their services, stating their detailed expertise and experience. The site will email you when it has a project that fits your skills, noting what the project entails and what it pays. Freelancers can’t set their rates here. However, a site spokesman says 90% of Zintro’s consulting jobs pay between $150 and $300 per hour.

Learn more about Zintro here.


Gershon Lehrman Group helps you set your own consulting rate with an online calculator. However, GLG’s calculator is likely to simply divide your estimated annual salary by 2,000 hours. (That’s the average annual hours assuming a 40-hour week and two-weeks vacation.) GLG’s competitors suggest higher rates, but setting rates a bit lower can make you more competitive. That may mean you get more gigs.

Learn more about GLG here.

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