If you love to draw, animate and illustrate, there are two ways to go: You can draw, animate or illustrate for a flat fee — creating illustrations for children’s books, for instance. Or, you can create drawings that you can have others produce on canvas, clothing and furniture, and get paid a royalty on each sale.

Flat fee vs. Royalty

Drawing for a flat fee pays more money upfront. However, you generally lose the right to resell that illustration elsewhere. The so-called “print-on-demand” sites that pay royalties, on the other hand, pay you just a small amount of each sale. But, if the drawing proves popular, you can earn royalties on thousands of sales. You also generally retain the right to sell the same illustration elsewhere. So, which do you prefer — direct sale or royalty? Click your preference below to find the companies that best suit the way you’d like to sell your art.

Create drawings and illustrations for hire Retain rights to my work but earn royalties whenever it’s sold.

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