If you want to draw, animate or illustrate for hire, these platforms can help find buyers for your artwork. But realize that with this kind of arrangement, you normally give the rights to your work to the buyer. That means you can’t use these same illustrations elsewhere.

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That said, you’ll earn more on each sale when you draw, animate and illustrate for hire. Here are three side hustle platforms that can help you find buyers.


Creatively connects creative artists of all stripes — animators, fashion designers, web designers, fine artists, writers and producers — with companies and individuals who need their services. The site makes it easy to post a portfolio and apply to jobs offered by a wide array of local and national brands. Creatives can sign up and post a profile for free. Brands/employers are asked to subscribe to connect with creatives. When we tested the site, it had numerous professional-level jobs for artists of all types. Read our full review of Creatively here.

Or sign up for Creatively here.


Another good place to find clients willing to pay you to draw, animate or illustrate for hire is Fiverr.  Fiver is a broad-based gig platform that encourages you to create separately priced “packages,” where you spell out your offer, say what it includes and excludes and what it costs. You might, for example, offer to create a black-and-white caricature of one person in a photo for $25; a color caricature for $50; and a group caricature for $100. This category is crowded, though. So it could take some time to get noticed. But, if you have significant experience, you can apply to be a Fiverr pro. If accepted, the site will add a badge to your profile and help you get noticed. Read our Fiverr review here.

Or sign up for Fiverr here.

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