You love learning. And what better way to learn than to proofread and edit academic research? The nice thing about this passion is that it can pay handsomely. Here are two sites that can help you find clients who want you to edit academic papers.

Service Scape

ServiceScape connects freelancers in writing, editing, translation and graphic design with people who need their help. The site’s clients can be almost anyone — students and academics looking for help with research papers; business people needing proposals and projects written or edited; and/or writers of books, screenplays and other manuscripts. But the site appears to specialize in academic writing and editing. You set your own rates, but the site takes half of what you earn, so set your rates accordingly.

Learn more about ServiceScape by reading our full review here.


Reedsy connects authors with professional book editors, writers and designers who can move a book project from concept to reality. Editors set their own rates and specialties. If you only want to edit academic papers and books, you can specify that. If you’re open to a wider range of editing, say that too. You also set your payment formula, saying when progress payments are due. The site automatically collects at these times.

Learn more about Reedsy by reading our full review here.

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