Love fantasy games, like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu? You can get paid to manage games by signing up with online gaming giant StartPlaying

Get paid to manage games

The reason you get paid to manage games is because it’s a real job that requires planning and eloquent execution. You must be familiar with the game and know how to make it engaging. Moreover, you’ve got to make sure that other payers don’t hijack the game in a way that doesn’t work for other players. At the same time, these games are about imagination and group play. So you don’t want to stifle player creativity either.

Good game masters typically earn $15 – $50 an hour.

Sound like a great job for you? Here’s how to get started.


StartPlaying connects professional game masters with players. Game Masters determine what sort of game to offer — choosing the genre, number of players, schedule and rules. They also decide how much to charge for each seat. StartPlaying takes a 10% commission from GM revenue. Payments are made into GM accounts within a day of completing a session.

There are few rules to register as a game master. However, the site provides a variety of tips to boost your chance of success. For instance,  you should write a detailed profile of both you and your game. Also note whether your games are combat-heavy or light-hearted. Are you a stickler for the rules and accomplishing a mission? Or are you likely to let the game morph based on player responses? The more detailed your descriptions, the more likely you’ll find players who suit your style. That increases the chance that they’ll become repeat players and will review you highly. Naturally, that’s a key to success.

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Or you can sign up with StartPlaying here.

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