Did you know that you can play games — for money? This isn’t about betting. It’s about game testing and organizing. It’s a fun, creative and intellectual side hustle that requires experience, logic, good people skills and a sense of adventure and fair play.

So where can you get paid to play games? Here are two great options.


Love fantasy games, like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder? Sign up to be a professional game master with StartPlaying. This online game-playing site lets experienced players register as “game masters.” GMs determine what sort of game to offer — choosing the genre, number of players, schedule and rules. And they decide how much to charge for each seat. Game masters get the player revenue, paying just a 10% commission to StartPlaying for marketing and collecting the fees. StartPlaying pays GMs within a day of completing a session. Read our full review on StartPlaying here.


PlaytestCloud connects game developers with consumers willing to test their games for a fee. The site typically pays $9 per 15-minute test. But don’t expect to play games for a full hour. Getting back-to-back tests isn’t likely. The site tests more than 100,000 games per year, but has thousands of testers. You’re invited to play based on your profile, which includes your age, gender, and the type of games you like. The details of each assignment, including the compensation, is listed on the invitation.  Read our full review of PlaytestCloud here.