If you’ve got a swimming pool and are not averse to sharing it, you can rent your swimming pool and make money at it. Here’s how:

Rent a swimming pool

A site called Swimply connects pool owners with people who are willing to pay to swim in your backyard. The idea was launched when Swimply’s founder, who grew up in New Jersey, started asking his neighbor if he and his friends could pay her to use her pool. The site says now facilitates swimming pool rentals around the U.S. Swimply officials say that people rent their swimming pools for $35 to $200 per hour.

You, as the pool owner, set your rates and say when your pool is available. You also set terms, such as how many people can use the pool at one time, whether they can use other amenities, such as bathrooms and barbecues. You can also acceptor reject any specific requests.

Swimply takes a 15% commission when you agree to a booking. The site also rents out yards for other activities. Learn more about Swimply by reading our full review here.

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