If you’re into the idea of doing voiceover or character acting, there are a few online platforms that can help.

Know, however, that when we say “character acting” here, we’re not talking about people like Walton Goggins or J.K. Simmons. They are both extraordinary character actors. But we consider them stars.

When we talk about character acting as a side hustle, we’re talking about playing characters like Snow White. It may not be the type of acting that will get you listed on IMDB. But it can be a very lucrative side hustle.

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That said, here are two platforms that can help you market yourself for voiceover or character acting jobs.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where voice-over artists can find a lot of success.

The site is not exclusively for voice over actors. It allows you to offer pretty much any service. There are web designers; graphic designers; actors; animators and editors — not to mention people willing to endorse your product or make silly videos.

Freelancers who list their services here set their own rates and terms. They pay a 20% commission to the site to compensate it for providing marketing and collection services. Where the site started out as a low-rent way to get services done, it’s become a freelancer-friendly marketplace for remote services. One hotspot is voiceover work.

So, let’s say you want to list your voice-over acting service here. You set up a profile, ideally with a few audio tapes, explaining what you do and what makes you special. Maybe you can do accents; have a particularly calming voice or can talk a mile a minute. Explain. And then create an offer.


What’s an offer? It’s a well-defined set priced service package. For instance: I will do a voice-over of up to 100 words, with a British accent, for $50. Or, I will do a 30-second voice-over audio for your site video, for $100. You also say when the job can be delivered

Buyers view these offers and buy them like they would a breakfast cereal. They know what they’re getting; and when they’re getting it. They pay the site; you deliver the voice over; the site pays you for the service (minus a transaction fee); you both rate each rate each other.

Buyers range from advertising firms to website owners.

The key to making Fiverr profitable as a freelancer is to be very specific about designing your voiceover “package.”

Successful voice over artists limit the number of words; the type of use (personal vs. commercial, for instance); and the number of revisions you’re willing to do for free. Additional words; a more expansive license to use your creativity; and other bells and whistles can be added to the job for an extra fee.

You can learn more about Fiverr here. Or sign up for Fiverr here.


Would you be willing to play Snow White or Spiderman to make a few bucks?

Character actors are in great demand for children’s birthday parties and for some corporate events and often charge more than $100 an hour for their services.

A site called BeeBizy can help you book this type of gig. You set your own rates and availability. The site simply takes a commission if it helps you find work. Learn more about BeeBizy here.

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