You aim to be an actor, but acting jobs are rare and you’ve got to start somewhere. You can be a background artist — a.k.a. a movie extra — by simply signing up with a handful of casting agencies. Background artists earn anywhere from $100 to $300 a day, depending on the production. And all they need to be good at is following directions.

Here are three sites where you can find work as a background artist.

Extras Management

ExtrasManagement is a talent agency that specifically focuses on finding projects for “background artists” — a.k.a. “extras.”  Working with dozens of casting agencies in and around Los Angeles, the site asks actors to fill out a detailed profile that includes their availability, willingness to travel and other details that could help them score background jobs. Those other details include your talents — dancing, swimming, golf, etc.; how far you’re willing to drive for work; and your physical characteristics. Read our full review on Extras Management here.

Other casting sites

There are literally dozens of casting sites, including Central Casting and Advanced Casting. These sites enlist background artists for productions that are done all over the country — from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale.

There’s no cost to sign up with a casting service. However, some will ask you to appear in person to take headshots and participate in an orientation, so you may want to stick with a service that’s local to your city. You can find casting sites by simply Googling “casting.” You can also search using “movie extras” or “background artists.”

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