ExtrasManagement is a talent agency for people who want to do background acting, i.e. extra work

Expected pay: $100 – $200 daily

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $25 – $75 per month

Where: Greater Los Angeles area

Requirements: Head shots and work availability

What is ExtrasManagement?

ExtrasManagement is a talent agency that specifically focuses on finding projects for “background artists” — a.k.a. “extras.”

ExtrasManagement review:

Working with dozens of casting agencies in and around Los Angeles, the site asks actors to fill out a detailed profile that includes their availability, willingness to travel and other details that could help them score background jobs. Those other details include your talents — dancing, swimming, golf, etc.; how far you’re willing to drive for work; and your physical characteristics.

How it works

If you want to be an actor — and extras are actors, even if they don’t have lines — you’ll need to be candid about your looks ExtrasManagement will want to know your age, weight, ethnicity, and whether you have tattoos or piercings. Are you willing to do nudity? Are you willing to work with animals? Do you have a dog — or a car, or costumes — that you’d be willing to bring to use on a set?

All of these details are collected when you sign up and are used to determine whether you might fit for any given assignment. The site will apply for extra work on your behalf and text you when they’ve secured a gig.

Acting is unreliable

A word of warning. Most gigs are assigned last-minute and rarely provide any assurances with respect to work hours. With some, you’ll only be on set for a few hours; others could demand a 16-hour day. And you may not know how long you’ll be needed on any given day. You need a highly flexible schedule for this type of work.

Being an extra also doesn’t necessarily help you break into acting. It can get you familiar with how productions work and help you find good acting classes. It might even get you a lead on finding an agent. But background work is not a resume-builder.


Unlike casting agencies that charge productions, not actors, ExtrasManagement charges actors. The site’s fees are staggered, ranging from $10 to $75 per month. This allows people who only want occasional jobs to pay less. If you don’t find work in any given month, a portion of your monthly dues are credited to the next month’s account.

That said, if you are available full-time but only get a few days of work in any given month, you pay the full freight. And since most extra jobs pay between $100 and $200 a day (assuming 8-hours or less on set), those fees add to a big portion of what you earn.


Despite the relatively steep fees, we like this site for a number of reasons. First, ExtrasManagement appears to have a loyal following of background actors, who have been with the site for years. That speaks well for its ability to book enough work to make its fees worthwhile.

Secondly, the staggered fee structure allows you to pay considerably less — usually $25 — for part-time availability. The site also offers lower rates for older extras — $60 for those those 55 and older — who may not qualify for as many jobs. You can cancel or put your profile on hold with just 30 days notice. And by applying for background work for you, they save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

However, you may also want to check out the acting listings on Playbill; publish a free profile on Actors Access; and, perhaps, check some of the bigger direct casting sites, such as Central Casting, on your own.

You may also want to check out our post: Make money as a movie extra.

What their users say (from Indeed):

“Fun place to work at just not enough advancement or steady pay. I would recommend it for people who are trying to into acting and work in the film and television industry.”

“I loved getting paid one week later for each day worked! So convenient! Hardest part was not knowing if the film crew members on set would have to take us overtime and beyond for the day. Hours were always unknown. Although cast and crew members were pleasantly kind, as well as fellow background teammates and co workers.”

“I worked with them for about a month and the pay wasn’t great. I left that job in order to go to American Casting.”

“Being a tv extra was fun, and the pay was good but inconsistent. That part of it was difficult at times. I would have to go to different locations all the time, any time of day.”

From Yelp:

“I actually live in NY and was told about Extras through a friend of mine who was registered with them in LA. They currently do registration over zoom but I actually did it from NY and when I fly out next week I will already be made available with them. I usually fly out for weeks at a time so they told me I could pay $10 to freeze the months I am back here in NY and I can open up my availability with them when I’m in LA. It was super easy to register and they are very upfront about what they offer.”

“Have been with this Management company for as long as I remember. They offer a service that gets you on set at least 2 times during the month at full monthly rate, and I have worked as much as 5 days a week for a few months on some sets.”

Half-rate for half-time

“If EM books you once in a month, it is half rate, if no booking it is less.  This is helpful as during Hiatus, there is sometimes no work available. The incentive is on EM to find you the work.”

“Ripoff. I was super excited when I signed up for extra management the office people were nice and I can set my own schedule. But I only get booked 3 times a month. Subtract their monthly fee and it’s not worth it.”

“They are one of the best calling services I have ever had. The company does everything in a very old school way and that makes them stand out of any other calling service. As long as you follow their simple guide-lines for orientation and are good with work ethics when they book you, they are good with getting you out there.”

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