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You can be a local tour guide. Better yet, your tours can involve showing people things that you’re passionate about in your city. Bike tours; foodie tours; architectural oddities; historic tours; movie tours. You set the agenda.

In the U.S. two companies can help you list your services and find clients. You design the itinerary, the schedule, and the price. And you determine how many customers you can accommodate on any given tour. Your earnings will be determined by how much you charge and how many people take each tour. Notably, you can list your tours with more than one company and that’s something we’d recommend to attract the most customers. 


Viator allows you to register as a local tour guide and advertise tours of your own making.  You design the itinerary, determine when the tour is offered, set prices and determine how many people you can accommodate. The site does not hamper your imagination nor your ability to charge anything your heart desires.

You pay nothing to sign up or list your tour. If someone buys through Viator, the company will pay you the price you set. However, the consumer’s price will include a mark-up from Viator. The site’s is a subsidiary of travel giant Trip Advisor, which is a significant positive. You can find out more here. Or you can sign up here.


Like Viator, Tours by Locals allows guides to set the itinerary and price it, based on the amount of time it’s likely to take, your expenses and profit margin. You also determine how many people can participate in each tour. The site takes a 25% commission when someone books your tours. You can learn more about ToursByLocals here.

Live in Europe?

If you live in Europe, WithLocals, provides much the same service. You design and price the tours. The site deducts a commission from it to pay for marketing and payment collection. You can find out more about WithLocals here.

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