What: Work as a tour guide in your own city

Expected pay: You set it

Husl $core: $$$$

Where: National and international

Requirements: Experience guiding tourists through your town; whatever licenses necessary to legally operate a tour guide business

Review: Viator, a division of Trip Advisor, welcomes local tour guides to register of its site. You design the tours, set prices and determine how many people you can take for each tour. The site does not hamper your imagination nor your ability to charge anything your heart desires. But the site will take 20% of the revenue as a marketing fee when tourists book through the site. Trip Advisor is a major entity and is likely to drive traffic to your tours, which is a plus. However, the Viator app is glitchy and the site is slow, so despite the traffic and relatively reasonable commission, Viator falls short of our top rating.

Other sites where you can sign up to be a tour guide: Tours by Locals and Vayable. 

What their tour guides say:

We were unable to find independent guides who had rated working with Viator. If you have experience working as a tour guide through Viator, please hit “contact us” and tell us about the experience. 

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