Corporate writing jobs, which range from writing annual reports to writing copy to fill company and industry websites, pay reasonable rates and are relatively easy to find. Here are three sites that can help you find corporate writing jobs.

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FreeUp enlists freelancers to create content for websites, brochures and other projects. Rates are set by your experience level. Experienced content creators earn $30 or more per hour. Read our full FreeUp review here.

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Contently connects companies looking for copy with writers willing and able to produce it. One of the things that makes this site special is that it does not allow writers to bid against one another. (Competitive bidding tends to depress prices.) Instead, it establishes a price for each piece and offers the job to writers qualified to complete the work. The jobs are not all high paying, but fall into a reasonable range. And each job is clearly described so freelancers can decide whether the pay is worth their time. Read our full Contently review here.

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