FreeUp is a freelance marketplace to find a wide array of flexible, professional work, from web design to accounting

Expected pay: $10 – $75 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 15% paid by employers

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Provide resume and background information; pass a site screening

What is FreeUp?

FreeUp is a freelance marketplace for writers, web developers, sales, marketing accounting, translation and administrative work.

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FreeUp Review:

Freelancers on the FreeUp marketplace joke that they’re screened like they’re going through airport security in a war zone. But if you get through this screening process, they rave that you find plenty of work and it’s well paid.

How it works

Once through screening, you set up an account and view open projects from employers. If you want to take a project, you contact the client for a brief — 10 to 15 minute — chat. During that time, the client decides whether or not to hire you and you agree on job responsibilities, fees and deadlines.

You can also group chat with other freelancers on the platform.

Set your own rates

FreeUp freelancers set their own rates based on their skill levels. Entry-level positions (generally reserved for people outside of the U.S.) pay $5 to $10 per hour; Mid-Level professionals charge $10 to $30. And experts can charge $30 and up.

Commissions and fees

The site takes a 15% commission. But, FreeUp adds this fee to your rate so it’s paid by the employer. It’s not deducted from your rate. And because no one gets into this marketplace without screening, your rates are not likely to be undercut by low-wage workers hunting for any scrap.

We found plenty to like and nothing that worried us about this platform. You can sign up to freelance with FreeUp here.


If you’re a skilled worker in any of the industries that FreeUp operates in, this site is worth a try. Also check out FlexProfessionals and SkipTheDrive.

Want to try FreeUp?

Click here to sign up as a freelancer

What their workers say (from Glassdoor):

Working at Freeup has been the best decision I’ve ever made. The work culture is amazing. And the job board is full of energy. Throughout the day team members are ready to assist your every need. But if you don’t get pumped up just by having Skype open and all of the daily activity and interactions, this probably isn’t the job for you.

FreeUp has provided a platform where a lot of the negatives about freelancing (constantly interviewing, updating resume, marketing yourself, negotiating rates) are taken care of so you can concentrate on the actual work. I love that I don’t have to negotiate $. That’s done for me. The staff is fast and receptive and the CEO readily available to any contractor for discussion.

Heavy vetting of clients too

Excellent support from staff, reasonable pay, great interface, vetted clients and freelancers. Stiff competition to get accepted, so you aren’t competing against low-rate freelancers.

Normal People to deal with. No need to compete with all the other freelancers since everyone vetted harder than by Airport Security. Pay is good. Everything is guaranteed And there is Actual freelancer support, unlike other freelancer websites out there.

Positive work environment. Amazing opportunities to meet clients, grow my business, and nail down long-term working relationships. Competitive compensation and opportunities to collaborate with other contract workers.


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