Looking for creative writing and advertising jobs? These sites can help you find work.


Creatively connects creative artists of all stripes — animators, fashion designers, web designers, fine artists, writers and producers — with companies and individuals who need their services. The site makes it easy to post a portfolio and apply to jobs offered by a wide array of local and national brands. Writing opportunities listed here range from screen writing, to writing advertisements and marketing materials. Learn more about Creatively.


WorkingNotWorking connects writers, editors, designers, illustrators, developers, animators, photographers, directors, and producers with companies that want to hire them. Currently a division of Fiverr, the site operates independently. It puts all of the cost of finding workers on the companies, allowing freelancers to earn 100% of the rates they set. Learn more about WorkingNotWorking here.


ServiceScape connects freelancers in writing, editing, translation and graphic design with people who need their help. The site’s clients can be almost anyone — students and academics looking for help with research papers; business people needing proposals and projects written or edited; and/or writers of books, screenplays and other manuscripts. Freelancers set their own rates of pay, but the site takes half of the money you earn. So, you’ve got to factor that steep fee into your rates. That said, several freelancers that charge steep fees have copious positive reviews. So, it seems as if the prices are not a deterrent from winning work. learn more about ServiceScape here.