If you want to get into fabric and fashion design — or are already a fabric and fashion designer who is looking for more work — here are online platforms that can help.

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Fabric and fashion design


Creatively connects creative artists of all stripes with companies and individuals who need their services. The brainchild of fashion brand alice + olivia founder Stacey Bendet, the site makes it easy to post a portfolio and apply to jobs offered by a wide array of local and national brands. Creatives can sign up and post a profile for free. Brands/employers are asked to subscribe to connect with creatives. Launched only last summer, the job listings on this site already impress. Learn more about Creatively here. 

Or Sign up with Creatively here.


Spoonflower is a print-in-demand site specifically geared to designers who want to create wallpaper and fabric designs. It gives interior designers discounts, which cost artists nothing, but encourage designers to use the site’s fabrics. The fabric is expensive to buy, ranging from $19 to more than $50 per yard, depending on the fabric. So, even at a 10% royalty rate, artists are likely to make a decent amount on every sale. Learn more about Spoonflower here.

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