GoLance connects clients with freelance tech specialists, virtual assistants, writers, marketers, customer support representatives, translators, and others

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 8% paid by the freelancer

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; able to sign a legal contract in the U.S.; other requirements vary by position

What is GoLance?

GoLance is a broad freelance platform, much like Upwork or Freelancer, where freelancers bid on work offered by a wide array of clients.

How it works:

Individuals can create a profile on the site, saying what they do and what they charge. Companies can then invite them to bid on projects. Alternatively, freelancers can seek out work from open projects already posted on the site.

Agree to payment terms

When freelancers and clients agree on work, they also must agree on payment terms. Specifically, they pre-agree whether the project will be paid via a flat rate or on an hourly basis. If the pay is hourly, the freelancer must keep track of his or her time with a GoLance time-tracking application.

For hourly projects, the freelancer bills once weekly and is paid the following week. For flat-rate projects, the client and freelancer agree on when progress payments must be made. Clients are billed when those progress thresholds are hit.

Both clients and freelancers can be booted from the platform for violating terms, such as participating in fraudulent activity or failing to pay a valid invoice.

Good and bad

Clients pay nothing to list projects on GoLance and may, in fact, earn a small rebate on the fees they pay to freelancers on the site. Freelancers pay roughly 8% of pay to GoLance, a portion of which is kicked back to the employer. Those fees are lower than those charged at many other freelance platforms.

So why would GoLance charge less to employers — and even give them economic incentives to hire there? Because the site is newer and far less known than its competitors. In fact, Freelancer gets about 100 times the web traffic of GoLance and Upwork gets even more.

Thus, while this site is less expensive for freelancers (and clients) to use, they’re also likely to find less work (and workers).

Moreover, some of the better freelance platforms only charge employers, allowing freelancers to walk away with the full amount of their pay. The combination of charging freelancers and having less available work is the reason that GoLance gets just an average Husl$core.


That said, freelancers who work with this platform generally rate it highly. They also say it’s both possible to contact — and get real help from — customer support. That’s relatively rare with other freelance platforms.

You can sign up with GoLance here. But also sign up with other niche sites that suit your specialty, whether that’s tech or virtual assisting (or any of the other 44 work categories listed on

What their users say: (from SiteJabber)

I’ve been a contractor on most freelancing platforms, and Golance is so far the best, most flexible platform i’ve worked on. I love that I don’t have to pay to apply to jobs and I also have a low contractor fee.

Been looking for work and stumbled across goLance. I ended up finding a couple of different short term project jobs that helped me stay on my feet. Mad easy

I have been working as a freelancer for 2 years. During those 2 years I tried and used many platforms until I heard about goLance. I read about it on Facebook, it almost seemed too good to be true. Now I am shifting all my clients and work here!

from TrustPilot

I have been using goLance for years to find work and new clients. They have much lower fees than other platforms I have tried, and they have much quicker service.

I have tried several other freelance sites but GoLance stood out. I got hired for two jobs in just 24 hrs after signing up. My only concern is that I was asked to verify my identity which I did but it kept bringing out error message. I contacted support and to my greatest surprise the issue was resolved. Thank you for being the best.

I have used Upwork and other (virtual assistant) platforms. I would have to say this platform is the best I have seen. We have been with Golance since 2018, we have had NO issue with getting are freelancers paid. We have had No issue about anything on this platform. IF there is an issue and support is notified it is FIXED, no pointing fingers just fixed. We have had issues about finding the right people but that is to be expected in any company.

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