What: Slice the Pie purports to pay you to listen to music and rate it on a scale of one to 10, but the pay is scant and illusive

Expected pay: nominal

Husl$core: $

Where: National

Requirements: A computer and decent hearing

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Slice the Pie Review:

Like Hit Predictor, Slice the Pie purports to pay you to listen to music and rate it on a scale of one to 10. For that they pay you almost nothing. The site requires you to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song to review it. You can review it while you’re listening, though, so let’s say you are insanely efficient and do 40 reviews in an hour. That would likely earn you a stunning $4.

The site pays between 2 cents and 20 cents per review, but appears to pay an average of 10 cents. And, then, it appears that the site tries (or does) cheat you out of even that sorry paycheck. (See reviews, below.) There are so many better opportunities here on $ideHusl.com, we hope you don’t waste your time with this one.

Sadly if you want to listen to music for a living, rotten pay is the norm. However, if you go to job boards, such as Indeed or Glassdoor, you are likely to find music-related positions that will pay a decent wage. In addition, if you have a large Spotify following and love to review music, you can find a better-paying alternative with PlaylistPush. And, if you can write and sing music, Songfinch is worth a try.

What their listeners say:

(From the comments at SurveyPolice): 

“The premise is fun. You can review products from an array of categories. Your reviews earn a monetary reward based on your reviewer ranking. I plugged away at this site for a few months and when it finally came time to cash out I couldn’t because the site claimed my birth date was not matching what my account had on file. I thought this was strange, because I have no reason to falsify my date of birth. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t match up. I emailed the site team for assistance and they asked that I send them my ID for verification. Excessive, but whatever. I just want my $10. Shortly after, my account was terminated with the following error message “Your account has been locked because you have been accessing the site through a proxy server which has demonstrated fraudulent activity.” I do not use a proxy service for any reason. I have never attempted to cheat while using this, or any, survey site. I’m confused, angry, and absolutely disappointed in SliceThePie.”

“Oh ! Absolutely this site is scandalous. Just 10 minutes ago I was on the lovely slicethepie and I was happily working away getting so close to my $10 payout. When lo and behold ! All of a sudden I get a notice saying my account is shut down. Closed because I rated too many 10’s. I will never get paid for the work i did for them reviewing and they keep my reviews for free. I was penalized for giving honest reviews.DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE they ripped me off of all my efforts and good trust.”

“I don’t mind this site but the pay out is only about 4 cents per music review and the review needs to be fairly long. Not my favorite site so far.”

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