HopSkipDrive enlists freelancers to drive kids to and from school and activities.

Expected pay: $10 to $35 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Major cities in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Pennsylvania

Requirements: 23 or older, 5 years of experience with children, good driving record, pass a criminal background check, 4-door vehicle in good condition, auto insurance

HopSkipDrive Review:

HopSkipDrive enlists freelancers to drive minors to and from school and activities. Like other freelance driving options, freelancers use their own car and have to pay for gas and maintenance. Rides may be anywhere from a few blocks to across town.

How it works

To sign up, you need to be at least 23 years old and have 5 years of child care experience. (This can be babysitting or raising your own kids.) You’ll also need to pass a background check and have a good driving record. You’ll also need a four-door car in good condition, and auto insurance.

Once accepted, you can search the app for available rides. The app has several sorting functions, including listing rides in specific time blocks and by location. Rides are listed showing where they start and end, estimated time and estimated pay. Pay can vary somewhat if the ride takes more or less time.

Claiming rides

If you see a ride you’d like to claim, you can either claim it outright or “put it in your cart” while you search for additional rides.

By putting it in your cart, you can hold that ride for a few minutes while you see whether there are other on-the-way or complimentary rides that you can schedule at the same time. If this search finds a ride you want more that conflicts with the ride you put in your cart, you can remove the ride in your cart. Items in your cart will expire if you don’t claim them, so be sure to hit “claim ride


You can schedule rides as much as a week in advance. Pay is determined based on mileage and time, but you’ll see an estimate before you accept a fare.


If a rider cancels less than eight hours before hand, you get half of the pay; if they no-show or cancel within an hour of a ride, you get paid for the full ride regardless.


If you have a fuel-efficient car, this can be an ideal driving side-gig for students and school teachers, who might not feel comfortable driving inebriated adults in the middle of the night. Most rides are during the day, when parents have conflicting schedules and need a trusted proxy.

You can find similar side hustles with Kango, KidCar and RubiRides.

What their drivers say: (from CBS News)

Cathy Vaccher, an elementary school teacher, said she earns about $150 a week driving for HopSkipDrive after school. She likes it better than Uber because she’s a diminutive 4-foot-11 and not comfortable picking up adults.

From Indeed

Love the flexibility. I can choose the hours I wish to work and the locations that I prefer to drive to.

“I really enjoyed working for this company as an independent self-employed driver. It didn’t seem like a job, but like a stay-at-home mom picking up and dropping off “my own kids”! Lol”

“Only good for extra income. Wear and tear on car eats up most of the money. Realistically only earning about $10 hr after gas and maintenance expense.”

“Not only are children transported, but senior citizens also can use the service. I love driving them and getting to chat. It’s fun to meet new people and feel good that I am helping them get around.”

“Love it a lot. Drawback is that your car gets really used up. Lots of miles put on, lots of fuel use, and had to get oil changes and tires more frequently.”

*Updated 1/27/2023

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