Looking for flexible medical jobs? Here are two platforms that can help you find them. These flexible medical jobs are mainly geared for nurses and medical staff, however.

Here’s where you can find flexible nursing and medical jobs.


ConnectRN hires medical professionals — nurses, clinicians, medical technicians and assistants — to fill vacant jobs at participating facilities. Because of the desperate need for health care professionals during the pandemic, this once part-time-only site now offers full-time positions. This site offers reasonable pay at all times, but if you work more than a 40-hour week, you get time-and-a-half. Learn more about ConnectRN here.


Specializing in highly-paid travel nursing positions, TrustedHealth invites nurses to create a free profile to be connected with temporary jobs in short-staffed facilities nationwide. You set your job preferences, including specialty, the hours and locations you prefer.

TrustedHealth then matches you to openings that fit your interests and skills. If you see a job option that looks attractive, click on “request interview” and go from there. Travel nursing jobs require frequent relocation, but they often pay six-figure incomes. So the pay can make the travel worth your while. Learn more about TrustedHealth here.

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