ConnectRN is a staffing platform for medical professionals — nurses, clinicians, medical technicians and assistants — who want to pick up extra shifts

Expected pay: $15-$18 per hour for certified nursing assistants and med techs; $30 – $35 for LPNs; $40 – $45 for RNs

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 20%, paid by customers, not workers

Where: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey and Indiana

Requirements: Be over 18; have appropriate health care credentials; pass a background check and drug screening.

ConnectRN Review:

ConnectRN helps medical professionals take additional shifts. Because of the desperate need for health care professionals during the pandemic, this once part-time-only site now hires for full-time positions.

Those who work more than 40 hours in a week get time and a half. And all of the company’s staff are W2 employees. That means the firm will pay the employer’s share of your Social Security and Medicare taxes, which saves you 7.65% of wages.

The site does charge a 20% commission to connect nurses with part-time jobs. But the commissions are invisible to workers, since the commission is charged to hospitals and health care facilities, not deducted from worker’s pay.

Pay details

That means you get 100% of the promised pay. How much is that? Naturally, the hourly wages vary by position.

The range, according to ConnectRN: $15-18 per hour for certified nursing assistants and med techs; $30 – $35 for LPNs; $40 – $45 for RNs.

ConnectRN pays weekly and can sometimes offer “stat-cash,” next-day payments.

The flip side

If a shift is cancelled with less than a four-hour notice, the nurse gets paid for 4 hours. But there’s no pay for cancellations with more notice.

Nurses, on the other hand, are required to give at least 8 hours notice before cancelling a shift. Medical staff is required to take one, unpaid, 30-minute break during every 8-hour shift. If you must work through your break, you’ll need to note that to get paid for the time.


That said, we saw no other red flags in their worker contracts. ConnectRN also pays considerably better than, ElderCare and even CareLinx. However, these other sites don’t require medical credentials, so may be ideal if you want to provide caregiving services but don’t currently have the degree or certification.

If you’re a nurse and willing to travel for work, consider TrustedHealth, an agency that helps find travel nursing jobs.

What their workers say:

From Indeed:

Great agency no benefits. You can make as much money as you want. They have stat pay, and weekly pay. Great for Moms who need flexibility and good pay.

They should be called ConnectLPN because in Richmond, VA the LPN’s get more opportunities than RN’s. The facilities they do have for RN’s are horrible! 30 or more patients and 5 admissions in a day. I’ve worked at 3 different facilities. I’m afraid to pick up at another one. They do pay decent and pay on time. But they really need more options for RN’s and better facilities.

Could pay better

A good company so far. No real issues. Pay could be a bit higher when compared to other nursing agencies. Very strict on call outs. I do like the flexibility of the app no keeping up with timesheets etc. You can text support. Understanding staff. Bonus for completing shifts, statcash cards, and free uniforms. I wish they would give bonuses or incentives for picking up last-minute shifts when they call you sometimes or pay a little more for assignments that are further away.

They don’t pay you properly and ALWAYS pretend they don’t know what’s going on and just pass you from staff member to staff member and you NEVER get your issue handled.

*Updated 5/7/2021


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