What: nDash allows you to write for pay by serving as a middle-man between writers and businesses/brands that need content creation.

Expected pay:  Average assignment pays $175.00, but rates set by writer.

Husl $core: $$$

Commissions & fees: paid by corporate clients, not writers

Where: National and International (21 Countries)

Requirements: Be over the age of 18; have a computer, writing ability, and samples.


nDash serves as a middle man between freelance writers and brands or businesses that need content creation. The site has writers set up a profile which highlights their past experience and writing samples, as well as their topic and category specialties. Writers are able to set their own rates and can vary these rates based on the type of writing that is required. Any adult is able to join the site, and there are no tests or pre-requisites to become a freelancer.

Writers get jobs in three ways: Responding to company assignments; by pitching directly to companies on the site; and by finding clients, who hire them directly. Both nDash and users stress that building a relationship with a brand and getting repeat business is the best way to use the site.

nDash has a numer of reputable clients, including Coldwell Banker, Tech Target and Cloud Endure. These clients pay a fee to nDash, so nDash does not take a cut from the freelance writer’s rate. The rate you set is the rate you get, if a client accepts it, that is.

Poor pay

The trouble is that most of the work is relatively poorly paid — in the range of $75 to $150 for a 500 to 1,000-word article. That’s better than most content mills, but barely minimum wage, if the articles require any research or finesse. That said, those who build up a regular clientele can earn more. And the site’s rules for clients favor a relatively quick turn-around from product to payment.

The site requires clients to ask for edits within 48 hours or the written content is considered accepted. Writers are paid through Stripe. 

What Users Say: 

(from MakeALivingWriting):
The only significant downside, from what I can tell, is the newness of nDash. Right now there aren’t many companies using it, so there are few prospective clients and few assignments. I recommend trying nDash, but don’t plan on using this as your only or primary source or clients.”

From Glassdoor:

nDash stands out above other freelance platforms such as Upwork because on nDash.co, I’m actually able to find real opportunities that pay well. nDash works with real companies/clients (mostly U.S.-based) who understand that quality writing/marketing is something that deserves to be compensated. I’ve worked with everyone from Coldwell Banker to Marketo, ThriveHive, Bristol Strategy, Thermal Intelligence, and more. But as the platform has gained in popularity, the competition has grown fierce. It can be challenging to stand out as a freelancer, particularly if you are competing against newer writers who can afford to charge less for their work. Getting started, you can expect a lot of pitches to get passed by. The key is to keep trying with clients until you eventually build up a reputation. This isn’t necessarily unique to nDash.co and should be expected in any freelance career.

nDash.co is easy to use, there are lots of brands available (with more being added all the time), support is responsive and excellent. Residual income is possible through brands that sign up using your affiliate link. Payments are connected to Stripe, so they get directly-deposited into my bank account. nDash is awesome!

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