What: Nexus Notes pays a commission to students willing to sell their vetted class notes via the platform, providing a chance to get paid multiple times for the same job. 

Expected pay: $17.50 per sale (see review for detailed explanation)

Husl $core: $$$

Where: National and international


  • Be a college student
  • Take detailed notes from a widely-attended class;
  • ideally, have good grades (if you share your excellent grade with the site, the site will give your notes a mark of distinction, which presumably makes the notes more attractive to buyers).


Like Study Soup, Nexus Notes pays students to upload their class notes for sale on the platform. However, instead of paying per set of notes, the site pays via commission

When you upload your notes, the site will accept or reject them based on quality and whether they already have similar class notes for sale. If accepted, your notes go on the site for sale at $35 per pop (though, they’ll occasionally sell for less because of promotion codes). You get half the sale price ($17.50); the site keeps the other half. Payments are made monthly.

What’s bad about the site is that you don’t know whether your notes will be accepted or whether they will sell. What’s good is that if they do sell, they could sell multiple times over the course of many years — assuming, of course, that the class for which you have notes remains essentially the same (as some general education classes do).

We find their payment formula fair — possibly excellent. But were unable to find U.S. students who had used the site, which accounts for their also-ran rating. This may well be an opportunity worth exploring for college students and recent graduates, who have maintained their class notes.

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What their note-sellers say:

We were unable to find any independent reports, though Nexus Notes has numerous testimonials on its web site. The site is relatively new to the U.S., having started in Australia, so this may simply be because not enough students have used it. If you have experience uploading notes with this company, please hit “contact us” and let us know about the experience.

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