Nexus Notes enlists students and former students to upload class notes and study guides to sell on the site

Expected pay: $17.50 per sale(net)

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 50%

Where: Nationwide / worldwide (remote)

Requirements: Class notes

What is Nexus Notes?

Nexus Notes is a marketplace where college students can go to both buy and sell class notes.

How it works

Like Study Soup, Nexus Notes encourages students to upload their class notes and offer them for sale on the platform. However, instead of paying per set of notes, the site pays via commission.

When you upload your notes, the site will accept or reject them based on quality and whether they already have similar class notes for sale. If accepted, your notes go on the site for sale at $35 per pop (though, they’ll occasionally sell for less because of promotion codes).

If you’re a great student, it’s smart to have the site “verify” your grades. This allows them to put a badge on your notes, signifying that they’re contributed by a top student. Naturally, this makes them more likely to sell.


When your notes sell, you get half the sales price ($17.50). The site keeps the other half. (Sometimes notes are purchased through discount codes. In these cases, your payment will be less, but it will be half of what the site collects.)

Payments are made monthly via Stripe.

What can you upload?

You can add course notes, study guides, and course summaries for any college class you’ve taken this year — or in previous years. You can also upload notes that you’re selling elsewhere.

Are notes rejected?


The site rejects notes for sale for several reasons. Your notes can be rejected if Nexus already has notes for the same course or if you notes are not clear. A lack of clarity can be because of content or presentation — i.e. messy handwriting that’s tough to read.

Notes are also rejected if they contain material provided by someone else, such as professor’s study guide or paragraphs lifted from a textbook. They can also be rejected because of profane language or images.

What should be included in an upload?

If you upload notes here, make sure you describe the class that they’re pertinent to and what makes the notes special. Remember that you don’t get any upfront payments from Nexus. You only get paid when your notes sell.

So, put yourself in the position of another student. Why would you want these notes? Did they help you ace the class? Are you a top student, really good at picking out highlights that you’re sure to be tested on?


You get no guarantees of how much you might earn here. But the revenue sharing formula seems fair and could be lucrative, if you happen to be offering notes for a popular class that doesn’t change much from year to year. This is worth exploring for current college students and recent graduates, who have maintained their class notes. You can sign up with Nexus Notes here.

If you are still in college, also check out Study Soup.

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