If you’re strong enough to lift 50 to 75 pounds, you can find moving jobs. Although some of the best paid jobs for movers require a truck, there are some no-truck-required moving jobs too. And better jobs in this space still pay considerably more than minimum wage.

Where can you find no-truck-required moving jobs?


HireAHelper allows movers to list labor-only services on the site. This site is essentially a spot for professional movers who want to fill their downtime. You set your rates. Movers typically charge between $30 and $90 per hour here. You do, however, need to have a moving license to list. Want to know more? Click here to get the run-down on HireAHelper.


At GoShare, if you don’t have a truck, you work as a “helper/courier” and earn between $38 and $40 per hour. (You will need a passenger car that meets GoShare requirements, however.) Generally speaking, you’ll be delivering smaller packages that can be moved in a passenger car. If you have a truck, you can earn considerably more with this platform, however. Learn more about GoShare here.


With TaskRabbit, you set your own rates and terms. You can list your services to provide moving, packing or organizing here, for example. And you can charge a different amount for each one of those services, if you so choose. The site takes no fees out of your wages, but charges your clients a commission on each booking. Find out more about TaskRabbit here


Truxx connects movers with the people who need them. While it’s top rates for movers are paid to people with trucks, it also books “helpers” without trucks at a $30 per hour rate. You don’t get the full $30, though. The site takes a 30% commission, so the helper’s net pay works out to $21. Click here to learn more about Truxx.

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