Princeton Consumer Research is a medical research company that enlists freelancers to test cosmetic treatments ranging from wrinkle creams to cellulite cures

Expected pay: Varies by study

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: New Jersey, Florida, Canada, and the UK

Requirements: Vary by study

What is Princeton Consumer Research?

Princeton Consumer Research enlists individuals to test cosmetics and other consumer products to measure their effectiveness, paying in cash and free products.

How it works

If you want to sign up to test cosmetics and other personal care products, you need to register with the site and agree to let the site maintain some personal information about you. This information helps them match you with open research studies.

The site also has operations in a few cities — Tampa and St. Petersburg in Florida; Raritan, New Jersey; Winnepeg, Canada; Manchester and Chemsford in England. However, it will take applicants willing to travel to these locations. You will need to sign up with the location nearest you — or the one you’d be willing to go to.

Once signed up, the site will contact you when it has a study for which you qualify. You’ll get details of what’s involved and what the study pays. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the offer.

Princeton Consumer Research Review

Princeton Consumer Reseach pays participants to engage in clinical trials. However, unlike many of the other clinical research companies that test medications for serious ailments, Princeton specializes in skin care and beauty products.

The site’s tests evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for acne, wrinkles, cellulite, cold sores, collagen and a variety of other skin treatments. The site also tests for skin sensitivities with various products to determine whether they’re hypoallergenic.

Like the other companies that enlist volunteers for clinical trials, Princeton often pays well for light work. However, where other medial testing companies pay thousands for many tests, Princeton’s payments are more modest — in the range of $25 per hour. That said, in most cases, you are testing cosmetics and beauty products. And, in addition to getting paid, you get the free product.

However, particularly when you’re volunteering for a skin-sensitivity test, you could suffer an adverse reaction. So don’t be cavalier about volunteering here.

Free cosmetics

By the same token, if you’re a person who has experimented with costly age-defying cosmetics or acne treatments, working with this gives you the chance to get them for free.

We found only one payment “misunderstanding” filed with the Better Business Bureau about Princeton. There are numerous accolades for this company on the web. However, they appear to be on sites that may be influenced by the company itself. Nonetheless, the rare absence of complaints is positive.


Pay is determined on a study-by-study basis, usually based on the amount of time and effort involved from study participants. The site says you’re paid at the end of the study, usually in cash.

However, the studies we’ve seen are considerably less intrusive and pay considerably less than medical research trials elsewhere.


We see no downside to signing up with this site. But realize that the site often overbooks studies, so don’t travel too far to participate in one. You could be turned away at the last minute.

Also, like other medical and cosmetic research firms, Princeton Consumer Research officials explain the risks and pay involved in any individual study prior before you accept. Pay attention. And never accept a risk you’re uncomfortable with. Otherwise, the money is good and the work is easy. That earns Princeton Consumer Research a better-than-average Husl$core. You can sign up with the site here.

If you like the idea of participating in medical research, also consider signing up with Fortrea Clinical Trials, Covance Clinical Trials and Parexel. All of these companies test medications, which come with a heightened risk. But they also usually pay handsomely — often thousands of dollars per trail. Just make sure you read all the documents thoroughly and are comfortable with the risks before accepting.

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