Princeton Consumer Research is a medical research company that enlists freelancers to test cosmetic treatments ranging from wrinkle creams to cellulite cures

Expected pay: Varies by study

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: New Jersey, Florida, Canada, and the UK

Requirements: Vary by study

Princeton Consumer Research Review:

Princeton Consumer Research enlists individuals to test cosmetics and other consumer products to measure their effectiveness. Like the other companies that enlist volunteers for clinical trials, Princeton often pays well for light work.

Good pay; light work

However, there’s always a chance that you’ll have an adverse reaction to any medical product you test. Testing cosmetic products generally presents a bit less risk than testing vaccines and other medications, though. As a result, you’re likely to earn less here than you would with the heavy medical research done at sites like WCCT Global.

Free cosmetics

By the same token, if you’re in the right demographic, you may also enjoy testing products like wrinkle creams and skin tighteners, that you otherwise might want to buy. If you’re a person who has experimented with numerous age-defying cosmetics, this gives you the chance to get them for free.

We found only one payment “misunderstanding” filed with the Better Business Bureau about Princeton. The complaint was quickly settled. There are numerous accolades for this company on the web, however, they appear to be on sites that may be influenced by the company itself. Nonetheless, the rare absence of complaints is positive.


We see no downside to signing up with this site. Like other medical and cosmetic research firms, they explain the risks and pay involved in any individual study prior before you accept. Pay attention and never accept a risk you’re uncomfortable with. Otherwise, the money is good and the work is easy, which earns Princeton Consumer Research a better-than-average Husl$core.

If you like the idea of participating in medical research and are willing to test vaccines and other medical treatments, also consider signing up with WCCT Global and Covance. Both of these companies test medications, which comes with a heightened risk, but they also usually pay handsomely. But make sure you read all the documents thoroughly and consider your unique risks before accepting.

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