Do you have a dream kitchen? The kind of place that would appeal to the host of a cooking show? You may be able to rent your kitchen by the hour.

Rent your kitchen

Who would rent your kitchen by the hour? Chefs, who teach cooking classes or offer events, but don’t have a place to host them. Where can you rent your kitchen by the hour? So far, we’ve only found one site that’s specifically interested in renting kitchens.

(There are several that are interested in renting homes, yards, swimming pools, storage space and other things, by the way. If you are willing to rent other possessions, see the many options in our rent landing page.)


A site called CozyMeal invites cooks to offer events for corporations and private gatherings. It also enlists people with great kitchens to list their kitchen/dining venue. You set the rates; and approve or deny requests to use your space, based on the event, the capacity and other factors. It’s not as lucrative as renting your whole house by the hour, but it would likely bring in a few hundred dollars. And you don’t do the cooking or cleaning up. Learn more about CozyMeal here.

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