Got a party house? A home with classic architecture or that speaks to a genre? You may be able to rent your house by the hour — for hundreds of dollars an hour — to film makers, photographers and event planners. Several websites list homes as movie and event locations. Although rentals are sporadic, they pay extraordinarily well when they happen. Typically, in fact, you’ll get the same amount per hour as you might otherwise get for a 24-hour period when renting to tourists.

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Which sites rent your house by the hour and how do they work? Here are the two best sites. 


Our favorite of the half-dozen sites that can rent your house by the hour is Giggster. You list your house, set your hourly rate and schedule. The site suggests you have one rate for small gatherings and charge progressively more for more people. (More inconvenience, chance of loss or damage.) When your house books, you pay a commission to the site. But, what sets Giggster apart is they answer the phone and email, when you need help. Learn more about Giggster here.

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PeerSpace is one of the most establish sites to rent your home by the hour, which means it may send you copious bookings. But be aware that many of these are for parties and events that may involve more risk than the movie bookings Giggster specializes in. Our advice: Demand “event insurance” or production insurance for films. You also can set your rates by group size. You only pay commissions when the house books. Learn more about PeerSpace here.

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