Got a fenced yard? You can rent your yard to dog owners, who are looking for a private dog park, or to people who would like to use your yard for an afternoon.

Here are the best options to rent your yard.


Sniffspot is aimed at renting yards out to dog owners, who are looking for a private dog park. The site allows you to list a profile, replete with photographs and a list of amenities. (And, realize that when it comes to dogs, “amenities” are things like a kiddie pool they can jump in, tennis balls, and shade.)

You set the rates, which typically range from $5 per dog, per hour to $30 per hour. You also say when your yard is available and set house rules, like whether you expect guests to pick up after their pets. Hosts say they can earn as much as $1,000 a month for a popular yard that gets regular bookings. Learn more about SniffSpot here.


Swimply was built around renting out your pool. But has expanded to renting out any part of your yard. You say what’s available and set your own rates; the site takes a commission when customers book. Learn more about Swimply by reading our full review here.

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