SniffSpot connects dog-owners looking for a private dog park with people who own land that can accommodate an off-leash visit.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 25%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Land, preferably fenced

Sniffspot review:

Sniffspot allows anyone with a backyard or field to rent out their land to dog owners, who are looking for an off-leash playground for their pets. Only one dog-owner can book each Sniffspot at any given time. And dogs are not allowed to be left unattended.

Customers are also instructed to leave the space in the same condition it was when you arrived. So, customers are expected to clean up after themselves and their pets. Dogs are also required to be vaccinated and can be tossed from Sniffspot if they’re too aggressive or if their owners break host rules

How it works

If you want to be a Sniffspot host, you sign up and create a profile. The profile should tell about your yard, both size and amenities. Realize, when it comes to dogs, amenities are things like a kiddie pool that the dog can cool off in; tennis balls, shade and, maybe, a bench where dog owners can sit down.

There’s no charge to set up a host profile here. You simply register your spot, describe it, and upload at least 10 photos of your location. Show everything from the fencing to where guests can relax and deposit dog bags before they leave.

Hosts determine when their land is available, the rules and fees.


Typically, fees are set per dog, per hour — say, $7 hourly for one dog; and $10 for two. Hosts are paid once monthly for any bookings. Sniffspot takes a 25% commission.

Importantly, too, the site provides a $2 million liability policy, just in case someone is injured on your land. And it provides up to $5,000 in property damage coverage.


If you have the right yard for this, Sniffspot is a low-maintenance side hustle that can produce nice income. Although the vast majority of reviews are customers, rather than hosts, it appears the only consistent complaints are about glitches with the app.

Know that you can also rent out your swimming pool, storage space, parking spot, and a wide array of other possessions. Pick what you have to rent here to see other options.

What their hosts say (from Google play):

Do not use, no way to confirm or cancel as host. This does not work like rover! You have no way of canceling if someone books your place with unauthorized dogs. People can book whether or not they listen to you requirements. So if you say small dog only, they can boom big dogs anyway. You have no control of your place. Horrible app!

As a host, the Sniffspot app is really useful for me when I’m on the go. Super important when I’m making sure my listing is up to date for my wonderful guests!

As the first Seattle Sniffspot host, may I say congratulations to the creator. This is far more than an app. It is a community of real dog owners with real dog issues, this Sniff Spot idea greatly benefits reactive dogs. Excellent resource for a pet professional such as me, a retired vet tech, daily dog walker. Each time a Sniff Spot is added, the more I am eager to explore a safe, insured, new place with my own geriatric dog.

Updated 2/22/2023

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