College students who want to parlay their regular study skills into a lucrative side gig can sell class notes for pay. Several sites offer to help you sell class notes. Many colleges will also hire you for this job through the “disability services” department, which helps students who miss class for medical reasons and those who can’t take notes on their own.

Where can you sell class notes?

Here are the best online sites that will help you sell your class notes. However, if this side hustle appeals to you, also check with your college. You may be able to get paid by your school for the same service.


StudySoup courts good students to take notes in their classes. Naturally, that’s something a good student is going to be doing anyway. And it promises to pay between $25 and $50 for each upload. Given the contract students get at the beginning of the semester, you’d expect earnings ranging from $300 to $600 per class, per semester. But they’ll only accept notes from a single student for a maximum of three classes per semester. And you can’t sell the notes elsewhere. Learn more about Study Soup here.


NexusNotes provides another tempting deal. This site doesn’t buy your notes outright. Instead, it gives you the ability to sell them to other students through the platform, taking 50% of the proceeds as its take. Since notes are typically listed for $35, that means you could make $17.50 for each and every person who uploads your notes. If you’re providing notes for a big class that doesn’t change a lot from year to year, that could provide pocket money for years to come. Learn more about NexusNotes here.

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