Watching talent develop when you tutor music or drama can be pure joy. What isn’t joyful is doing the marketing necessary to find students. Fortunately, you don’t have to. These sites will help you find students if you want to tutor music or drama.

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Tutor music or drama


Lessonface connects music, art, drama and language tutors with potential clients. Registration is free, but teachers must have teaching experience or extraordinary skill to pass the site’s rigorous vetting.

Specifically, the site requires a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience, 5 years of professional experience or “extraordinary” talent.  We’re thinking that means you’re like Mozart, Beethoven or, say, LeeAnn Rimes.

You set your own rates and availability. The site helps you market yourself and collect from clients. In exchange, LessonFace takes a commission on your earnings. However, this site’s fees are among the lowest in the industry — between 4% and 15%.

Learn more about LessonFace by reading our full review here. 

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Wyzant is the only site that we recommend for all tutors — no matter whether you tutor math or music; coding or dance. It’s well established, has millions of regular clients, a good online interface for remote learning, and charges reasonable fees. Tutors set their own rates; the site takes a 25% commission when a client pays you.

Learn more about Wyzant here.

Or click here to sign up with Wyzant

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