What: Tutoring

Expected pay: $18 to $36 per hour (after site commission)

Husl $core: $$$$

Where: National


  • proficiency in a school subject, from elementary history to college-level mathematics.
  • ideally, some tutoring experience;
  • a computer to review your options and possibly connect online with remote students

Review: Wyzant provides a platform for tutors of all types to connect with students who need their services. Tutors set their own rate of pay — most commonly between $30 and $60 per hour — and the site takes a commission starting at 40%, but dropping down to 20% as the tutor logs more hours working on the site. Communicating or taking pay outside of the site can get you kicked off the platform. Outside of complaining about the 40% commission, tutor reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

You may want to also offer your tutoring services on free-to-advertise sites, such as Nextdoor and CraigsList.

What their tutors say:

“Worked with Wyzant for about 8 yrs and tutored around 25 students. The overall working relationship was good. Helped many students learn their material and pass their course. Have 2 good reviews posted on Wyzant. Left Wyzant after they couldnt get the email system with a student worked out. Went into private practice after that. Would work with Wyzant again because they do help students.”

“They do take a big chunk of your earnings. They say you can keep more of your pay when you log more hours. This can be a little hard because…There is a LOT, I mean a LOT, of tutor competition, especially if you live in a large urban area, like I do. You are competing with hundreds of other tutors, some with Master’s Degrees. People are charmed by degrees. Even if you have a great deal of successful experience, but just an Associate Degree, who knows if you will be selected by customers. I don’t overcharge on my end, either. I keep it reasonable. Some want to charge customers 70.00 a lesson. However,Out of all the tutor jobs I applied to on Wyzant, I actually got relatively few from Wyzant. No complaints about efficiency and dependability. Website features work okay for scheduling, logging, etc. and getting paid. If you have a question, they answer it in a timely way, also.”

“At Wyzant you’re an independent contractor. You set your rate, but Wyzant takes a big chunk of it (though the chunk lessens over time). The web site has an easy user interface. Your reputation depends on the reviews of your clients. I was a math tutor. I have a strong background in math and did not have problems handling atypical math classes/assignments, but my clients complained that other tutors were not prepared for such classes. A tutor said they ‘knew’ algebra for example, but struggled with a unique algebra honors course the client was taking. That algebra tutor had to have passed Wyzant’s algebra test (which you can only take once by the way), but the test does not encompass all that algebra can be. I loved my clients and the reason I left was to pursue a degree. I still think about my clients and hope they are becoming successful mathematicians!”

“Wyzant provides independent tutors with job opportunities based on the tutor’s location. As a tutor, I have had many students, most likely due to the fact that tutors are rewarded with more profile visibility when they respond quickly to student requests. I typically do not have to reach out to new students – they find me first. Though the money is not much, the portion of pay that Wyzant takes is reduced each time a tutor completes a milestone of hours. So there is an opportunity to keep more of your money as you gain additional experience. As a full-time employee during the week, I have found this to be a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash while helping others in my field or in allied industries. It can also be used as a stepping stone to permanent teaching opportunities elsewhere should a tutor desire to do so.”

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