What: Babysit for pay

Expected pay: $11 – $16 per hour (1 child)

Husl$core: $$$$

Where: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts. Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia.

Requirements: Be at least 18 years of age; legally able to work in the U.S.; have a clean criminal record

Review: Urban Sitter, like Sitter City and Care.com, offers a website where you can post a profile and advertise your child care services to potential clients. Babysitters and nannies pay nothing. Parents, however, pay at least $100 annually to use the site. Theoretically, the site doesn’t have specific requirements, but sitters say they’re picky about those who post profiles, requiring both background checks and clear photographs of all nannies. Though reviews of this site are overwhelmingly positive, a number of sitters have complained about getting booted from the site for what they believe were minor infractions — cancelling a job because of a family emergency or inadvertently walking away with an owner’s key, for instance. The site does have the right to boot sitters for any reason whatsoever and, given that parents pay for the service because they imagine they’ll get better-vetted babysitters, Urban Sitter has every incentive to be cautious. 

That said, there are several sites that will allow you to advertise your child care services, so if Urban Sittter isn’t your cup of tea, try Care.com, Sitter City or Nanny Lane

What their users say: (From Glassdoor and Indeed)

I love working for Urbansitter. Very competitive, Great Families and good pay. I have been working as a caregiver for over 10 years and absolutely love what I do.

You are basically self-employed. Really easy to create your own schedule. The local managers are really nice and helpful! They also put on local events for sitters to network and find new opportunities.

Working for urbansitter required going all over San Diego and meeting new parents and kids.The days always varied based on the age group of the kids one day it could be diapers the next driving a carpool to soccer. Typically I would watch the kids , cook them dinner, pack their lunches, pick them up from school, some light cleaning , and taking them to tutoring. With younger children it was typically dinner and then a the nighttime routine of bath time , story, and bed. I learned how to be responsible and accountable for people other than myself.It was a nice job because I was technically my own boss. I was able to create hours that accommodated my schedule and occasionally was able to negotiate pay.The hardest part of the job is it’s just you and the kids. No co- workers , no adult interaction it was not a very social job( which is something I really enjoy)The kids were by far the best part of the job. Kids are so full of excitement , innocence , and curiosity. Even when they were misbehaving I still loved them.

I love being able to login and select which jobs I want and when. I have a regular job Mon through Fri so I work as a babysitter on the weekends for extra cash.

UrbanSitter has such a great community. Joining on FB really allows you to connect with fellow sitters and those at headquarters are very helpful even with opportunities to help you network and meet families that are set up at local schools. I’ve met so many people through UrbanSitter who will be a part of my life forever.

Please do not use this app if you are looking to grow as a caregiver with the company. If you are looking for fast cash, UrbanSitter would be a suitable choice, but attempt all other services first. UrbanSitter recently hid my account indefinitely without just cause or reason. I did not immediately return a parent’s key so my profile was hidden with the guarantee by UrbanSitter’s Rebecca, my proifile would be unhidden after item was returned. I returned the keys the same day the parent reported the absence to UrbanSitter with my sincere apologies to the parent and UrbanSitter (though I encountered difficulty getting the item back to the parent.) UrbanSitter got back to me a week later with a generic message stating for unknown reasons UrbanSitter has hidden my account indefinitely. When I replied, with call for reason and desire to take the issue to court, the company responded quickly unlike it usually does  with another generic message. I don’t believe people are running the service, people have senses. Based on my experience, I believe the company is run by Republicans. They have abused their power in hiding my account without just cause. I followed every protocol and have introduced many sitters and families to the service. They have not expressed interest in doing the right thing and this will be their downfall. I recently made UrbanSitter my full time source of income and was gaining more families on UrbanSitter, so not only am I hurt I cannot work with new families, I basically had my feet knocked from right under me. I urge people NOT to utilize the service. I urge wronged users to denounce this company and stop using their service. Exploit your social capital and financial resources to force this company to change. Shame on them.

I think it’s a cool way for parents to find sitters but as a sitter it’s stressful to try to get jobs! Especially starting off new. I’ve been a member for maybe like 5 months and haven’t landed a job once! I did a background check, I am a trustline certified provider, CPR certified, my profile has a video how they suggest and my calendar and everything is up to par! I constantly have applied for jobs that I see and have yet to get 1 job! I started to think that these parent profiles are fake! Like really not one person?? I even answer all the questions they ask when you apply for a job. I’m over it! I went and took the time to get my background check and get fingerprinted to become trustline certified for nothing! Because I know that half of these sitters don’t even have that. Done. I gave 2 stars because of the potential to be great.

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