What: WCCT Global, also known as Altasciences, is one of a number of medical research firms that recruits and pays individuals to take part in drug trials and other medical research. 

Expected pay: varies widely

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Southern California

Requirements: vary by study


WCCT Global is one of a number of companies that recruits individuals to take part in medical research studies. The studies can be looking for cures for specific diseases, testing vaccines, or researching the effectiveness of cosmetic creams and treatments. In 2021, the company was acquired by Altasciences. However, the location, staff and system remains the same.

Each study offered by WCCT Global/Atasciences has different requirements and payment formulas. In some cases, you have to be suffering with a condition ranging from diabetes to psoriasis, to qualify for a trial. In other instances, they’re specifically looking for healthy adults — or children — within a set age group.

The payments vary based on the study and the amount of time and effort involved. One recent study on Coronavirus vaccines, for instance, promises a $5,100 payment for going to 1 screening visit, 11 outpatient visits, plus participating in 4 follow-up phone calls. All together, this is likely to require less than two weeks of work time — including the time it takes to get to WCCT Global’s South Los Angeles offices. That works out to an hourly pay of nearly $65 per hour.

Another study, which seeks healthy 18-55 year-olds, promises payment of $7,600. The catch? You’ve got to stay in the company’s facility for nearly two weeks. The facility is hospital-like, with dorm-style rooms. The company provides meals and basic entertainment — cable television and wifi. But you would be sequestered from your friends and family for the duration.

What are you doing for that high hourly wage? Among other things, you are submitting to multiple blood tests, heart monitors, swabs and other medical procedures to check the medication’s impact. 

Health vs wealth

However, the big risk here is with your health. When companies test drugs they’re looking for adverse side effects. By the time they get to human trials, they already know whether the drug has produced side effects in animals and in a laboratory setting. So, you should know what the potential side effects might be. Still, you’re taking a chance that might result in pain and/or illness. While deaths are rare, a few have happened during clinical trials. So, there’s a lot at stake.

If you are involved in drug trials for a disease that you have, this may be a risk you’re willing to take to find a cure. If you are not personally invested in the cure, however, you should carefully weigh the risk of each study before agreeing to take part.

WCCT Global’s average Husl$core reflects the above-average pay, weighed against the above-average risk.

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Updated 8/31/2021

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