WeNeedAVacation is a home listing service for Cape Cod rentals that charges a flat fee, rather than a percentage

Expected pay: You set your rates

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $409 annually

Where: Cape Cod

Requirements: A home for rent in the Cape Cod area

WeNeedAVacation Review:

WeNeedAVacation is a home rental site that specializes in Cape Cod listings and only Cape Cod listings.

While other home rental sites, such as Airbnb and VRBO, charge a percentage of your rental amount. WeNeedAVacation simply charges homeowners a flat fee to advertise.

How it works

If you have a home in the Cape Cod area, you can advertise it on this site for $99 for two months and $409 for a year. While it can seem risky to pay a fee with no promise of return, WeNeedaVacation offers a relatively inexpensive two-month trial.

And it says you’ll get free extended membership, if you get no rentals during the first term.

Moreover, the flat-fee model works well for the high-end rentals located in this part of the country, particularly if they’re booked for more than a few days. That’s because other sites charge booking fees that are set as a percentage of the rental amount.

These booking fees range from a low of 3% (Airbnb) to a high of 20% (the many sites run by RedAwning). Thus, if you rent out your home for a month at a total cost of $15,000, you would pay $450 to Airbnb (but Airbnb would also hit your renter with extra charges); and a whopping $3,000 with one of the RedAwning sites.

That makes WeNeedAVacation’s flat fee look like a screaming bargain.

You communicate directly

Perhaps because they’re not charging a percentage of the gate, WeNeedaVacation also doesn’t get in the way of direct communication between homeowners and renters.

That can preclude many of the problems homeowners complain about with other sites, such as getting hit with steep cancellation fees when someone wants to make a minor change to the booking. Or renting to unsuitable clients — people planning to use your house for a frat party rather than a family vacation, for instance.

Notably, you can have a representative from the site take professional photographs of your residence for an additional fee.


This is a great site if you plan to rent your expensive home for more than a few weeks each year. The site gets good traffic. (Not as much as Airbnb, of course. But it’s only for Cape Cod rentals.) And homeowners say it works well for them.

If you want to list elsewhere, our top recommendation in the rental space is (unsurprisingly) Airbnb, the industry leader. Other sites that arrange flat fee rentals include SabbaticalHomes, which is another great choice if you want to rent your home for months at a time.

Check it out

Want to list or book with WeNeedAVacation? You can find them here.

What their homeowners say: (from Yelp)

“My  gf and I own a  house on the cape  in Eastham.  The first year we used a rental company, and they charged us 17 percent of every rental. Thankfully  I found WeNeedaVacation and we have been with them for 4 years.  They charge a one-time reasonable fee to post your house with 14 pictures.


They are extremely helpful if you need assistance. Most importantly they just give you a rental inquiry. After that, I am in charge of communicating with the prospective tenant, answering any questions they have. I feel like I have a relationship with the person that is renting my house, instead of other sites that just take the booking without me having any control. They know the cape area very well. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

We’ve been listing our West Tisbury home on We Need A Vacation for over 10yrs and love it. The staff is always helpful and responsive – and I’m very techno-challenged. We are listed on several other sites. But most of our renters come through this site. We get fewer “tire kickers” from WeNeed than VRBO or Home Away.

Updated 2/2/2023

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