Athletes Untapped connects coaches with athletes of all ages and skill-levels who are looking for local one-on-one coaching. 

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Requirements: Background check ($10)

Commissions & fees: 20%

Where: Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Athletes Untapped review:

Athletes Untapped connects coaches with athletes of all ages, who are looking for one-on-one coaching. Coaches determine what they’re qualified to coach, set their own rates, availability and determine where to meet the athlete.

The only upfront cost of signing up is that coaches must submit to a background check, which the site has arranged to offer at a $10 rate.

Athletes Untapped aims to differentiate itself from other coaching apps by offering both coaches and student athletes the ability to post short videos on the site to provide more detailed tips on what the student needs to focus on. 


Sessions are scheduled in the Athletes Untapped app and the site collects payment. When a session is finished, the coach marks it complete and payment is immediately transferred to the coach’s Stripe account, minus the site’s 20% commission. 

The catch:

The site, however, is only about a year old and has a limited geographic footprint, operating only in three states — Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Founder Gene Williams hopes to expand nationally. But that may take some time.

It also does not currently support all sports. At the moment the site focuses on ten sports — basketball, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, field hockey, football, track & field, strength conditioning and mental performance. 

Additionally, the site does not offer any type of insurance to cover liability, if someone is hurt on your watch. Independent contractors are often on their own here. But, if the sport you are coaching presents significant risks, you may want to discuss liability coverage with your insurance agent.


That said, there are few red flags in the company’s terms. And this site’s flat commission rate is also more favorable than the graduated commission structure at competitor CoachUp. If you happen to be a basketball or soccer coach in the three states where Athletes Untapped operate, there’s no downside to signing up.

However, given the site’s limited reach and youth, you should also register with better established platforms such as CoachUp and Wyzant