Scrambly pays individuals to test out new products, apps and games, as well as take surveys

Expected pay: varies

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Smart phone or computer with Internet access

What is Scrambly?

Scrambly pays individuals to test out new products, apps and games, as well as take surveys. And it’s among the best paying of these types of apps.

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How it works

The first step is to sign up with an email address and fill out a profile, which tells the app what type of games you like to play and whether you want to do other things, like see travel offers and take surveys. The app has more than a dozen potential ways to earn money. However, you’re limited to choosing your top five.

Simply signing up and filling out your profile will get you points worth about 70 cents. After that, you’ll be presented with a variety of money-making options that loosely conform with the boxes you checked during sign up.

Playing games

Let’s say, for instance, that you like to play games for cash. Scrambly asks what kind of games you like — war, fantasy, word games, etc. And, it will ask how often you buy products within games. When your survey is complete, you’ll be presented with a number of games to try.

When we tested the site, the first game required a purchase to get cash back. Another offered a series of rewards for installing and reaching different levels in the game. The rewards were substantial — as much as $55. However, to get that $55, you need to reach level 80 in the game. That said, you’d get a small reward for simply opening the game app; and lesser rewards for reaching lower levels in the game. At level 20, for instance, you’d earn $8. And if you happen to love playing that game, it’s light work for decent money.

Testing apps and streaming services

You also can get rewarded for testing phone applications, ranging from Upside (a cash-back app) to Cheese (a credit building app). However, when engaging in these activities, you need to be careful about whether you’re paying more to participate than you’ll get back.

Cheese, for instance, is a credit building app that has you take out a loan, secured by a bank account. You pay off the loan over the term you desire and the app reports your on-time payments to all three credit bureaus. At the end of the term, you get your money back. However, in the interim, you’re paying interest on the loaned amount.

The reward you get from Scrambly may or may not be enough to compensate you for the interest you pay.

The same holds true with streaming services. You generally must pay to participate. And, while you will get a reward, the reward may not be enough to pay the full cost. If you already plan to use that streaming service, and don’t mind paying for it, the reward essentially gives you cash back on something you’d be doing anyway. But, if you wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, don’t get sucked into the expense.


The site also pays users to take surveys. However, your access to surveys is restricted until you take your first payout. For those who like taking paid surveys, this suggests you should take your first payout quickly (this should be easily attainable in the first day you use the site) to unlock the survey option.

You can sign up with Scrambly here.

Scrambly review

There are a lot of sites that will pay you to play games, take surveys and test apps. All of them are funded by game developers, advertisers and financial companies that pay to these companies to get consumers to try their products. The earn-for-playing apps essentially just pass along a portion of this revenue to consumers as an incentive to participate.

However, Scrambly appears to pass on considerably more of the pay than the average app. And that makes it the best opportunity that we’ve found in this field. When testing the site, we discovered you could easily hit the first payout threshold — just $1 — within 5 minutes of being on the site.

This is partly due to the fact that the site pays you to simply put in your email address and answer basic demographic and interest questions. But it’s also because the site’s payout formula is more generous than similar sites we’ve reviewed.

You can sign up with Scrambly here.

Potential problems

The biggest complaint we see about this app is that the site’s software sometimes fails to track your activity. And that tracking is necessary to get paid the proper amount.

That said, Scrambly has an engaged customer support team, who at least attempt to solve payment and app-tracking issues. In many cases, they provide partial payments, even when they can’t verify that you completed the activities.


Thanks to the relatively high payments, the plethora of money-making options and the good customer service, most users review this site highly. Some 1200 people have reviewed Scrambly on TrustPilot and 76% of those reviews give the site 5-stars — the highest rating.


Users can cash out at any time once their balance exceeds $1. Notably, this low payout threshold is another nice feature. Many of Scrambly’s competitors set the payout threshold at $100 or more, making it far more difficult to collect the cash you’ve earned.

Users choose their preferred payout method, including PayPal and gift cards to Amazon, Visa, Spotify, Apple, Google Play, and Walmart.


Scrambly’s payment formula is the best of any of the sites we review in this category. And, while none of the cash-to-play apps is likely to generate full-time income, this one is well worth giving a try. You can sign up with Scrambly here.

Other sites to consider, if you like playing games and testing apps for pay include Mistplay and Rewarded Play. has reviewed a number of others that we don’t recommend. To see an overview of why these other apps aren’t worth a download, see our blog post: Game-playing apps that promise cash.


Scrambly pays individuals to test out new products, apps and games, as well as take surveys

Expected pay: varies

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Smart phone or computer with Internet access

What their users say (from Google Play)

So far, so good. I haven’t had any issues with this app. And the coins collect pretty quickly and easily. Those few dollar payouts have came in handy twice in emergency situations. One evening they made the difference in being stuck out in the cold (1°F) waiting 30 minutes on a bus with my son or being able to have enough to catch an Uber that came in 5 minutes and dropped us off at home. Also customer service is prompt in handling any issues. They’re now the #1 app of their kind in my book.

You won’t get a big payload right away, but depending on the deals available at the time you could get around $50 a week. I like this app compared to others like it because it has a switch in the settings that shows dollar amounts instead of points so you know exactly how much you are earning for the “work” you put in. They have a decent selection of games to choose from and even some other options for earning money like surveys.

Highly recommended

Plenty of games, easily navigable….and after I verified it now takes me literally less than 10 mins for the cash to hit my PayPal. Honestly, this one is one I would recommend to EVERYONE.

The challenges are reasonable, the amount of reward per challenge is perfect, the description of what you need to do and any other kind of specifications are perfect (if your rewards will take a certain amount of time to process, 12hrs is the most common from my experience but most are instant or less than 10mins), and the payouts are very generous compared to other apps I’ve used. This is the best app I’ve used that offers so much variety in payment selection 🙂

This is the best app if you love to play games, and make money while you do it. I have tried many of those other apps, where it take forever to actually get enough to withdraw. With scrambly it is super easy. The app tracks your play and ypu can see how much you are earning along the way. The withdraw process is super easy and fast. I usually withdraw to my PayPal account and it’s in there in seconds! To date I have legitimately earned over $680!

Tracking issues

I started using this a while ago. When it first started out the compensation vs the requirements wasn’t bad. It’s terrible now. The levels/goals that the games require vs the amount paid has become insulting. They’ve started charging for each transaction. On top of that, when you spend a bunch of time completing something and it doesn’t track you’ll only get up to 25% of the amount you were supposed to get. I gave 2 stars b/c it does pay and it’s almost instantly but it’s not worth it anymore.

So far, I’m having issues with the app tracking my playing time. Other than that, I like the way the site is organized–it makes it easy to navigate. Its set-up and selection of games is somewhat similar to Mistplay’s, but has its own swagger. I could tell immediately that it’s a quality play and earn site (Some of them are noticably better than others). It’s already enjoyable on my first walk-through, so I’m gonna stay around for awhile.

This is my 2nd review nothing was done after the first one. I don’t need any tips on the app I did everything I was supposed to do, the app paid up until I got to level 50 in Dice Dreams then it conveniently stopped paying after that. I am now on kingdom 61 and was not paid for level 55 or 60 that’s $27 your app promised to pay and didn’t. Is your word good or not!!! I have sent screenshots proving I’ve reached the required levels and I’m tired of getting the run around!

Please fix this!

I really like this app and it’s one of the best apps to make money. But I’m having the same issues with the game tracking my playtime. It starts out good tracking then once played for awhile it stops tracking my game time and that’s a lot of coins I’m losing. Please fix this issue. Thank you

Don’t waste your time… Time & again rewards are missing. Per the instructions in the faq support is contacted. Screenshots are requested. Just to hear the same bs the steps “weren’t tracked by the system so we’ve not received it so we cant give it to you. But here is 20% out of our pockets.” Out of 24 attempts to complete offers 1 has been completed successfully, 14 have steps that were definitley completed within the specified parameters, 30+ requests were initiated to support; 0 corrections


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