Category: customer service

  • Jitjatjo


    Jitjatjo hires part-time employees to work in education, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, retail and health care establishments. Expected pay: $10 -$30 Husl $core: $$$

  • WorkingSolutions


    Remote customer service contractor who connects independent customer service representatives with clients Expected pay: $12 – $18 per hour* (paid by engaged minute) Husl$core: $$$

  • LiveOps


    LiveOps enlists freelancers to work as customer service representatives, paid by the engaged minute. Expected pay: 25 cents to 45 cents per engaged minute Husl $core: $$

  • Arise


    Arise bills itself as a way that customer service professionals can work for themselves, on their own schedules. But requires them to pay for training and access to a buggy system. Expected pay: speculative Husl$core: $