WorkingSolutions is a remote customer service contractor that connects independent customer service representatives with clients

Expected pay: $10-$20 per hour (paid by the engaged minute)

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide, except California, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington State

Requirements: Pass a background check, have a USB headset, high-speed internet, an up-to-date computer with at least 8GB of RAM, Windows 8.1 through Windows 10 Home, Pro or Pro for Workstations and a quiet, uninterrupted work environment

WorkingSolutions review:

WorkingSolutions is a remote customer service contractor that connects independent customer service representatives with major companies that need customer service, sales and other support functions. Once freelancers sign up and are accepted into the system, they’re matched with one or more customer service clients.

Once matched, you get details about the specific program you’re matched with, including minimum hours (if any); how and when you are paid; what sort of education and training is required and whether you’re entitled to a stipend for completing that training.

Read the contract

Contracts differ on many important details, says Gail Rigler, WorkingSolutions Chief Marketing Officer. These details include pay rates, whether you’re paid by the hour or minute, and whether you’re required to commit to a minimum number of hours. Some contracts also offer bonus payments for referrals, sales or performance.

Engaged minutes

If you are paid by the minute, be sure to note whether that is by the “productive” or “engaged” minute. If it is, it means that you’re only paid while you are actively engaged in answering a customer query. You are not paid to wait for calls — even though you are required to wait for calls when you’re scheduled to work.

On the bright side, the phones are usually busy so there are few fallow hours, says Rigler. Reps who are paid by the minute usually get “minimum pay” provisions to assure them that they’ll earn money for at least a portion of the time they’re working through the WorkingSolutions platform, she adds. However, the number of minutes you’d be paid for could vary. So be sure to read the contract.


Most customer service positions require training, which can require weeks of your time. WorkingSolutions generally provides an “education stipend.” However that stipend is unlikely to  fully compensate you for your training time.

Flexible  hours

Once you’ve been matched to a program, you choose your hours out of the hours available. Freelancers are able to schedule themselves in work blocks of as little as 15 minutes. However, if the contract requires a set number of hours per week or month, the site expects you to schedule yourself for at least those minimum number of hours.


WorkingSolutions is one of the better companies that enlists independent contractors for customer service positions. But this entire industry falls short, in our opinion, by failing to pay for all of the hours that freelancers are committed to work and train.

If you love customer service work, we suggest you look for employee positions through Indeed, Glassdoor, Steady and Jooble. Most of these positions pay benefits and allow for remote work. But employee positions may require that you work full-time or on a regular schedule.

What their users say (from Indeed)

“You are paid for the billable minutes you talk. You have to talk a lot to make good money.”

“Overall, its a great place to work and the work life balance which is very important to me is perfect for my lifestyle. One of the best WFH opportunities out there.”

“I have worked here for 2 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I absolutely love setting my own hours, controlling my career, the bonuses, education stipends & the referrals.”

“The calls are nonstop and back to back and are heavily scripted. You have to really love to talk and not mind having a sore throat almost every day. Also the work is very monotonous on the programs I have worked so far. I would say determination is more important than education or intelligence for this line of work.”

“I have been with them since June of 2020 and I have worked different programs and I have had my favorites and least favorites but it has none the less been great pay and flexible for my work/life schedule.”

Pick your hours

“You get to schedule in 15 minute increments which makes home/life balance great! There’s no pay for most trainings but do receive a stipend. Very easy job and can switch clients if you don’t love the project you are on.”

“You make your own schedule. But, you get paid by the minute. There is no one to contact about anything. You are your own business, but get treated like an employee.”

“Schedule your own unpaid breaks. There is no PTO, UPT or vacation time. No benefits. No direct deposit.”

“Great job for flexibility and to make your own hours. There is usually a minimum of hours per week, but you can add more if you would like. You make your schedule one week prior to work week.”

“Very flexible work environment can choose your own schedule. Many of the opportunities the client will pay for guaranteed pay at a lower talk time rate, but at least if calls get low you get paid something for your time, which is appreciated. Some other companies just pay for talk time only.”

…but pick hours quickly

“You kind of pick your schedule. Sometimes they force you to select schedule after everyone else has so you have to work bad hours. Cut you from projects very easily. Pay is so so. It is ok for a side gig but don’t count on it to pay the bills.”

“Love that I can pick my hours. The only downfall is you have to pick quick because the hours are picked up by multiple people fast.”

“Can work as little as 20 hours a week or 40+ hours.”

“I loved the work, but the limitations on the available hours make it hard to make enough money to pay my bills.”


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