IntelyCare hires nurses wanting to work in skilled-nursing and rehabilitative care facilities

Expected pay: $21 – $100+ per hour, depending on nursing degree

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: 30 states, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Texas.

Requirements: Nursing license; meet state requirements, which may include background checks

IntelyCare Review:

IntelyCare is a rapidly growing nurse staffing company that hires nurses to work in post-acute care, such as skilled nursing and rehab facilities.

How it works

Nurses sign on for per diem work, picking and choosing among available shifts, facilities, hours and pay.

Unlike most gig jobs, the site actually hires its nurses, which makes them eligible for a wide array of employee benefits, including overtime and retirement accounts. That alone makes this an attractive option for nurses looking for flexible work. Nurses also report that the site pays considerably better than many of its competitors.


IntelyCare says that certified nursing assistants earn between $21 and $62 per hour; licensed practical nurses earn between $33 and $80 an hour; and registered nurses earn $62 to $146 per hour.

Employee reviews of this site are overwhelming positive and affirm the high salary range. The main negatives are from cities where the site isn’t as well-established and has fewer shifts to offer.


Nurses are in high demand, which gives them plenty of options. If you’re looking for flexible hours and high pay, but don’t want to travel, this is the best option we’ve found so far. Another flexible staffing solutions for medical personnel: ConnectRN. Sign up for both, if you want to make sure you can fill your dance card.

However, you can also make excellent pay as a travel nurse through sites such as Trusted Health. 

What their users say (from Indeed):

“I’m a RN and worked for Intelycare for 5 months in Greater Cleveland Ohio area. The pay was AMAZING, on average most of my shifts were over $50/hr. I’ve had shifts as high as $90/hr reg and $136/hr overtime. You just look in app and pick what shifts you want and when you want them. Most shifts go up in pay as it gets closer to shift and no one has picked it up! It had so many facilities to choose from, as well as various shifts. 12 hour shifts, 8 hours, 6 and even 4 hour shifts. And if you don’t like a place you don’t have to go back!”

“Make my own schedule of where, when, & how much. A great company and compensation is usually fantastic. I’ve been with them for a year and have had very few negative experiences”


“They treat you well and are very understanding if you need to call off. They do, however, only give you two passes for emergencies, such as weather. After that you get penalized”

“Many facilities and decent rates to choose from. But it is an agency, and should not be depended on for 100% steady income. I have a per diem position elsewhere as well.”

“They have begun lying about which facilities have covid and which don’t to get you to accept shifts. More and more the Intely CNAS tell others what they are making and lately it’s been more than what the LPNS from Intely are making for a shift, even though the LPNS are routinely told they have to pick up the slack of the CNAS. They promise high rates to get you to sign on but those rates quickly go away.”


“Good shifts; varying rates; some facilities are chaotic; but a good place to make flexible money. Help is always available by phone. The overtime structure could be clearer.”

“Flexible scheduling with multiple local facilities. Mobile app is friendly and easy to use to search for shifts with hourly pay indicated per facility. Covid positive locations are indicated, as well.”

“Decent Pay, just not a lot of local facilities near me. Most are 30 to 40 minutes away if your lucky! But very responsive care team and they make sure your happy overall.”

Responsive team

“The IntelyCare support number is full of respectful people waiting to help you. However, the staff and management at particular facilities may not always be as professional or sensible. This is an agency that you sign on with for supplemental income, I do not believe it is ready to be a primary source of income until the shifts become more reliable, and the variety of facilities increases.”

“The Massachusetts facilities were great to work for and gave many options to nurses within the company. The Florida division is very difficult and hard to find a facility.”

“They cancel sometimes but other than that if you want to do something part time or on the side you can choose your own hours and they pay well especially on holidays and weekends”

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