CurbFlip helps you rent out your parking space, garage or driveway

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees:5%

Where: Many major cities

Requirements: parking, 18 or older, and an email address

CurbFlip Review:

CurbFlip wants to help you monetize the empty space in your driveway or garage. The site lets you list your space for free; decide whether you want to rent this space by the hour, day, week or month, or all of the above; and set the price.

Email connections

The site connects renters and space-owners via email. If a rental is acceptable to you, the space owner, you accept it. CurbFlip will collect the money from the renter and deduct a site commission before the pay is remitted to you.

CurbFlip does not have a set cancellation policy for either renters of your space or you. If you want to levy a cancellation fee when renters don’t show up, the site encourages you to make that policy clear.

Commissions and fees

There is no cost to list. But the site takes a 5% commission when you rent out your space. You’ll also may need to pay Paypal fees to get money transferred to your bank account.

Location is everything

We found no negative reviews of the service, which leads us to believe this is easy money if you live in the right location — a crowded urban area; near a beach or airport or anywhere else where parking is challenging. However renting your parking space is less likely when you live in a suburban area, where parking isn’t a problem.

Commercial insurance

A final caution: If you rent out any portion of your home or property, you should have a discussion with your property insurer to make sure you would be covered for any legal liability in the off-chance that someone tripped or slipped, fell and sued. Most personal insurance policies exclude “commercial” liability, but will issue a rider on a personal policy to cover this risk.


This is our top site for people who want to rent out a parking space. But there are plenty of others and they’re not exclusive. So, if you want to keep your space rented, also check out Pavemint.

If you’re interested in, say, renting out a portion of your garage as storage space, check out Neighbor and Stache.

*Updated 1/18/2023

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