Galora facilitates selling, sharing or trading homemade and homegrown products, ranging from crafts and cookies to fruit and veggies

Expected pay: Varies

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide, however, existing communities are strongest in California, Honolulu and Austin

Requirements: Homemade or home-grown items to sell or trade

What is Galora?

Galora is a marketplace to sell or share home-grown and homemade items, from backyard veggies and fruit to crafts, chutneys and jelly.

Galora Review:

Galora, found at, is a site that aims to connect neighbors, who want to give, barter, trade or sell the abundance of backyard fruit and veggies. However, the marketplace is largely open for any semi-appropriate listing — including offering to trade distant Reiki healing services for goods.

Like Nextdoor, Galora charges nothing to list items for sale or trade or communicate with other members.

That said, at least for the moment, the profit-making potential is pretty limited here too. A few people may sell their homemade products here. But Galora, it’s mostly a site that can help you save money by trading something you have for something you want, than it is a place to make money.

Barter and share

By the same token, if you have a backyard full of fruit trees or berry bushes, you’re likely to have far more than you need when the fruit is ripe. Galora gives you a nice opportunity to swap your excess with neighbors, who might have something else you want and would otherwise have to pay for.

You can also help build your local community by sending sign-up links to your friends and neighbors.

In a recent visit to the site, we found people offering everything from exotic fruits to sewing services.


We like this site and see no negatives for users. It is very young, founded in 2020, however. That means it has a much more limited stable of buyers than sites like Etsy or EBay.

By the same token, at least for the moment, there are no fees to sell or trade here. If you’re contemplating a side hustle making bread, cookies or selling homemade jams, it’s worth a try. You can sign up with Galora here.


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